No one had thought of it: He found a patent to take luggage on the plane without paying and it goes viral

A woman has gone viral on Tik Tok, who shared with her followers the trick she follows when traveling by plane.

den to eiche skeftei kanenas vrike patenta na pairnei aposkeyes sto aeroplano choris na plironei kai ginetai viral viral, PLANE, suitcase

Viral at TikTok has become a woman from Belgium, who shared with followers the trick she follows when she travels with airplane, in order not to be charged for any extra weight on luggage her.

Specifically, as claimed by Teddy Ivanova, you can save on extra bag fees… by putting some of your clothes in a pillow case. The particular "trick" has collected on the popular platform so far more than 41,5 million views.

"My parents never pay for extra luggage, we always only travel with hand luggage," the 21-year-old said, adding: "I like to wear a lot of clothes on holiday, so trying to fit everything into a mini suitcase has always been a nightmare ».

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She shows how she fills a pillow – which often doesn't count as carry-on – with her clothes, and walks through the airport with the stuffed pillow in hand. "It was convenient because I use the pillow during the flight or in the taxi on the way to the hotel," she added. At the end of the related video, she empties the contents of the pillow, where she shows the amount of clothes she had hidden.


via: Enimerotiko