Crash landing in flight: Plane was shaking like a feather (VIDEO)

No one was injured in the crash landing

Screenshot 5 1 PLANE, Canada, flight

An Air Canada flight made an emergency landing at Toronto's Pearson Airport in Canada on Monday night as gusty crosswinds buffeted the massive aircraft.

Flight AC2 arriving from Tokyo on November 13 was filmed struggling to land on runway 24L at Toronto's largest airport. In a video shared by Wake Turbulence Aviation, the Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER can be seen rocking like a ... feather from side to side, bouncing off the runway as smoke billows from the landing gear onto the tarmac.

The incident was handled skillfully by the pilot, who stabilized the aircraft and avoided an emergency landing on the runway at the end of the 12-hour flight. The video is made even more impressive by the orange sky above the airport as the sun sets.

In the video, the person taking the video can be heard saying: “Wow! Go around', referring to when pilots choose to take off straight back and land a second time amid difficult conditions. Eventually the plane seems to stabilize after take off and manages to land safely.

An Air Canada spokesman told the news website that the flight from Narita "experienced a difficult landing due to crosswinds upon arrival in Toronto."