PICTURES: Woman gave birth while she was sleeping - Discover the baby under the blanket

An incredible scene took place in America where a mother after many hours of childbirth finally gave birth to her baby in her ... sleep.


An incredible scene took place in America where a mother after long delivery finally gave birth to baby of her in her sleep. Every birth story of a child is different. For example the one we will describe below. How a mother gave birth to her son while he was sleeping.

Η Laura thompson, a mom from Texas, was taken to the hospital on October 9 so that the doctors could give birth to her. As she mentioned in Yahoo! News Australia, made an introduction at 6 p.m. and did epidural anesthesia in the afternoon. However, the baby was slow to come down.
At 9 pm and while she was only 6 cm wide, she began not to feel her left leg from fatigue. The medical team that was watching her advised her and her husband to try to sleep before their baby boy arrived. The couple slept around 10 p.m. and woke up a little later by a nurse who entered the room to check the monitors.

"He woke me up, lifted the blanket to move the ball I was using in my waist and shouted 'A BABY IN THE BED' and rang the blue alarm ", said Thompson.

While she was sleeping, the young mother gave birth to her son, Jones.

He reached quietly and was lying on her numb leg, so his mother did not feel him in bed.

"I honestly would not believe this incident if it did not happen to us. I really laughed when I saw him. I felt his movements for so long and I knew he was strong. It was a surreal moment! ”, he said.

The family is happy, all healthy and doing well.
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