The baby born "angry": The strange diagnosis, the rare problem and the mother's instinct

A baby has gone viral on social media as he permanently has an angry look painted on his face, which raises a question.

to moro poy gennithike thymomeno i paraxeni diagnosi to spanio provlima kai to instincto tis miteras viral, ΘΥΜΩΜΕΝΟ ΜΩΡΟ, ΜΩΡΟ

Viral on social networks has become one baby as he has permanently painted on his face an angry look which raises a question.

When the little one was born Winter everyone who saw the baby said, "She looks so angry."

Winter is a miracle because she was conceived in a natural way even though doctors told her mother she was having serious fertility problems. But it has a peculiarity: permanently angry style, which has made the little girl viral on social media.

Her mother, Holly Wallis, she had two boys with her ex-husband, but in the second marriage she was facing infertility issues, after two serious surgeries on the uterus to which she had undergone. In fact, the experts told the couple that they would not conceive naturally.

So when Hollie held it in her hands positive pregnancy test, she could not believe her eyes. In the beginning everything went fine with the pregnancy. As he states there was no change compared to the previous two.

This until he went to the doctor to do an ultrasound. There she was faced with an unpleasant surprise. The doctor found that it did not exist amniotic fluid in the uterus and sent her straight to the hospital. Diagnosed with oligohydramnios, as the low volume of amniotic fluid is called. However, her condition was not considered urgent and she planned to give birth in three days.

But one day before the scheduled birth, her instinct warned her that something was wrong. The baby's movements became strange and he, fortunately, rushed to the hospital. The baby's arrhythmias, as one doctor explained to her, could indicate that the baby was brain dead.

He underwent an emergency caesarean section and thus Winter was born, who fortunately was perfectly healthy. Her "angry" face, however, made her famous on the Internet.


via: Enimerotiko