This way you can completely stack… 25.000 dice in one bin

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All you need is a little basic physics and plenty of time

A group of Spanish and Mexican researchers wondered one of these things that seems to concern scientists exclusively.

How can you perfectly stack 25.000 dice in one container! "Cubic particles" that is to be stacked completely inside a cylinder.

What is the goal? "In this job," they tell us, "we have shown that rotating a sample of cubic particles is a perfectly efficient way to achieve sorted packaging."


The study was even published in the prestigious scientific review "Physical Review Letters".

It took 10.000 spins of the pot to align the rows of tangled dice and achieve the impressive result, the paradise of compulsion.

All the magic, as they tell us in their study, is based on the smooth surfaces of the dice: when sliding on top of each other, these surfaces tend to align. And rotational motion greatly facilitates this tendency, regardless of the force of rotation (up to a point).


The researchers did not go crazy, of course, as there are several applications for such experimental exports. As in the packaging industry of course, it is always looking for more efficient ways to quickly pack difficult items…