Young man caught flirting with a και hole and a flag at a golf course

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The incredible incident was recorded with her mobile phone

A group of golfers in Liverpool found themselves in front of an unprecedented spectacle, while in the middle of a game.

As soon as the friends went to move to their next hole, they realized with great surprise that there was a young man inside it and the flag was allegedly on his anus. The young man had sex with the hole and at the same time used the flag for pleasure. Or at least that is what the people who witnessed the incident are guessing.

According to the Mirror, it seems that he also recorded his actions with his mobile phone at the Brackenwood Golf Course. According to the four men who located him, he did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol.

The strange scene continued for a few more seconds, until the young man realized the presence of people at the spot, picked up his pants and started running in an unknown direction.

The Liverpool Metropolitan Police, in a statement, states that the process of identifying the young man is in progress.