For these 3 zodiac signs 2020 will be a very lucky year


Jupiter will enter Capricorn on December 3, 2019 and will stay there for two years. Jupiter means joy and good luck. In Capricorn, Jupiter becomes sober and serious, and growth comes from well-designed plans, rather than impulsive movements.

Of course, astrologers emphasize that even if you belong to one of the lucky signs of 2020, to know that you will not be given anything ready, you should work for your good luck.


We know you do not like parties, but you should celebrate the first place in the list of the luckiest signs of 2020 as soon as possible. The new year will be one of the best times of your life. You will be able to enjoy the fruits of all these years of effort. All the effort you like to make (under the watchful eye of Saturn, your ruler) will now be rewarded.


All aspects of your life have the light to bear fruit in 2020, but you can start paying attention to your finances. In other words, the money will reach you. If you want to invest your money in something new, do not think too much about it. We know you like strategies and often think too much before making a decision, but this time you have the gift of luck on your side.


Taurus is the only sign of the Earth that will receive the influence of Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. Because of this, he may start the year a little anxious and upset, but when a sudden change occurs, he will feel better. Do not worry about this change (we know that Taurus hates the unexpected), because Jupiter and Saturn will work to give you the best of luck. The best area of ​​your life in 2020 will be love. You have all the lights to meet a new love who, among other things, will help you with your finances.