The astrological predictions of Sunday, October 10, 2021

The meeting of the retrograde Mercury with Mars is not ruled out to bring internal anxiety, the accumulation of repulsions may lead to revolutionary, anti-conformist, perhaps even somewhat excessive actions. The characteristics will be dynamism, determination, activism, those who experience suffocating or oppressive conditions will feel a strong need to differentiate the data.



Krie, has the opportunity to socialize, talk and get closer to people close to you that fill you with joy. It is important to enjoy the moments when conversations and relaxation dominate and give you breath after a difficult period.

Professional - Financial 

You are given the opportunity to settle financial issues that may initially disappoint you, but in the course of the day you find the confidence and dynamism needed to provide solutions. Beware of sudden situations at night that will announce fears, unnecessary expenses are not excluded.

It is important to focus on having a good time with your partner and leaving potential insecurities and frustrations aside. If you are unattached, it is not excluded that there will be new acquaintances from your work, which will come suddenly in your life, causing you intense insecurity but also passion.


Taurus, sentimentality intensifies your sensibilities and may bring to the surface insecurities and fears that are not easy to manage. You do not need to give solutions, make sure you find in yourself the self-control needed to balance and have a good time with the people you love.

Professional - financial

Beware of financial deals and possible costs that may arise as it is not easy to manage things rationally. Make sure you keep the need for pleasure because it is the one that can cost you dearly and ultimately play a role on a psychological and financial level.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the passion and sensuality in your relationship. Stay away from important discussions that will lead you to insecurity. If you are single, it is possible that a person from the past will appear who will intensify the fears and the lack of self-confidence.


Gemini, your personal needs come to the surface but it is a fact that you can not really listen to what is covering you. You will do well to avoid important discussions with people around you as evolution will not satisfy you.

Professional - financial

Financial issues from the past come to the fore again to emphasize that they need a solution. But today it is not the right one as you do not have a clear idea that you have to move and you can make mistakes. Take care to avoid important commitments that will eventually disappoint you.

The selfish tendencies that you manifest obscure your thoughts and can create problems in your personal life, make sure to curb egocentrism. If you are unattached, it is not easy to clarify within yourself what is what satisfies you on a personal level and this does not allow you to be left in love.


Cancer, you feel that the time has come to take stock of what has happened in the last year. So you will not hesitate to isolate yourself from everyone and everything and to consider the consequences of your actions or possible situations that have affected you.

Professional - Financial

You have the opportunity to promote goals and aspirations that you have set by overcoming which frustrations and stress can burden you. Take advantage of possible alliances through the professional environment that help you see things with optimism and move fast towards your dreams.

Sudden invitations from your company create the best possible setting in the relationship and lift the mood. Your partner and you can enjoy pleasant moments and conversations. If you are unattached through the friendly environment, something can happen that will surprise you with the original thought and view of life.


Leo, you leave behind the intense professional period you experienced, focusing on the friendly environment and the need for communication that distinguishes you. Original ideas and revolutionary actions will bring you closer to people who have the same philosophy in social issues.

Professional - Financial

Obstacles that may arise early in the morning are easy to overcome as you show determination and willingness to respond in the best possible way to whatever obligations and responsibilities you have undertaken. Your intuition will guide you uniquely and in financial discussions with your superiors.

Possible social obligations will surprise you and your partner, make sure you overcome the fatigue and enjoy every moment with the person next to you. If you are unattached through the professional environment, thunderous love can come that will play a key role in your personal life.


Virgo, you are going through a period where social prestige and self-promotion are very important to you, so you will not hesitate to get in touch with people who can help you in this area of ​​your life.

Professional - Financial

Take the necessary initiatives that will help your partnerships overcome the obstacles that exist and focus with your partners on moves that you must make to achieve the best possible for you. Positive thinking will help to create the best possible atmosphere for possible new collaborations.

You can enjoy unique moments of joy and passion with your partner, positively surprising the person next to you and renewing the atmosphere in your relationship. If you are unattached / thunderous acquaintance through the wider friendly environment can take off your psychology and fill you with optimism.


Libra, the day raises your mood dramatically as you feel more optimistic and happy than ever. People from your wider relative and friendly environment make sure you have a good time and deal with spiritual issues that pique interest.

Professional - Financial

The financial affairs that concern you may concern you, but you must admit that your intuition guides you in the right moves and decisions. Possible upheavals to intensify the irritation and create insecurity for you, make sure you keep your nerves so that there are no problems.

Tension dominates your personal life as insecurities and jealousy do not allow you to escape from nervousness. Spasmodic movements will cost you to be careful. If you are single / the new acquaintance can come suddenly from work to take off the passion and sensuality in your life.


Scorpio, the day intensifies insecurities as deeper fears come to the surface that may create the need for isolation and distance from your wider surroundings. Internal tension can lead to outbursts that will cause him problems, try to avoid it. 

Professional - Financial

You have the opportunity to take the necessary initiatives to enter into collaborations that you seek as dynamism and generosity help you to have the best possible conditions. Beware of people who come unexpectedly and may promise a lot, but are more likely to leave professionally in the same sudden way they came.

You are given the opportunity to overturn the routine in your relationship and to positively surprise your partner with a surprise that will take off your relationship. If you are unattached, it is not excluded that there may be a thunderous new acquaintance from work that will take off the emotion and create an intense heartbeat.


Sagittarius, you focus your attention on the level of interpersonal relationships as what is important for you in the next period is to have harmony and balance with people who are important in your environment.

Professional - Financial

The daily obligations are many and the chores at work can stress you out. But you find the way to maneuver and realize what the appropriate moves are to help you respond in the best possible way to what you have undertaken to do.

Use the day to resolve current issues that may be bothering you in your relationship and creating tensions for no apparent reason. If you are unattached through the workplace, there may be a new acquaintance that will come in a hurry in your life to upset everyday life.


Capricorn, the day turns your attention to everyday life that can create stress due to high demands. It is an opportunity to deal with your physical condition and enter a new diet program that will fill you with energy and help you eliminate.

Professional - Financial

You can take the necessary initiatives to get away from professional issues that may occupy you intensely and may oppress you. Commercial cases come to the fore and are likely to develop in the best possible way as you show the dynamism and determination needed.

It is important to make the most of the day to have a unique time with your partner as the emotions take off due to the pleasant mood that exists. If you are single, it is possible that there will be something that will create the conditions to play a leading role in your personal life. 


Aquarius, the day takes off the fun, the joy and the need for fun. It is a fact that you will star in whatever environment you find yourself as generosity and brilliance magnetize your eyes. Beware of egocentrism and excesses that may bother those around you.

Professional - Financial

Real estate issues can come to the fore that will occupy you intensely. It is good that you have the patience and perseverance to reach the best possible agreement so that you are satisfied with the result and the commitments. Beware of reversals that can create explosive situations.

Take the opportunity to turn the data in your relationship and create the ideal atmosphere in your personal space by surprising your partner. If you are unattached through the familiar friendly environment, something can happen that will surprise you and lead you to reconsider the facts of your life so far.


Pisces, your sensibilities do not allow you to see objectively what your family has to offer and can lead to the wrong paths hurting the people who are important to you. Be careful to avoid comic discussions that will not turn out the way you would like. 

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to make business and communication cases that may be of great interest to you. It is time to trust your instinct as it can pave successful paths for you. It is important to feel safe with the people you deal with and in this particular part your intuition is infallible.

You are given the opportunity to enjoy every moment with your partner in your personal space, do not spoil the atmosphere with possible outbursts due to intense sensitivity. If you are unattached, introversion and mood swings prevail and leave no room for you to actively participate in flirting.

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