Agioi Anargyri: The killer of 28-year-old Kyriaki is in the ICU

The 39-year-old killer has cited chronic psychiatric problems

Screenshot 1 2 murder, SUNDAY

The 39-year-old killer of Kyriaki Griva is in critical condition and intubated in the ICU at the "Attikon" hospital, as he attempted to kill himself, as it became known on Sunday morning (07/04).

The 39-year-old who last week stabbed his ex-partner to death outside the police station in Agios Anargyros, was in the psychiatric hospital of Korydallos prisons and attempted to kill himself shortly after midnight on Saturday, with the improvised noose from the bandages he was wearing on his head which he had tied from the plastic water pipe in the toilet area, from where he had extracted the screw on which he tied the noose.

The killer of 28-year-old Kyriaki Griva was found by the prison officials lying on the ground in the early morning, in the psychiatric ward of the Korydallos prison. He was found with obvious marks on his neck and unconscious. According to information, the 39-year-old, after pretending to be asleep during the check-up, used the bandages on his head in order to end his life. Correctional officers found him in the toilet of the psychiatric ward.

At one in the morning, EKAV was notified and the 39-year-old was taken to "Attikon" hospital. There the doctors performed CPR to revive him, since he had no pulse, and proceeded to intubate him in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). According to a report by Alpha, he underwent an X-ray of the brain, as several minutes passed without oxygen. In fact, his condition is considered critical.

The perpetrator of the murder of Kyriaki Grivas was sentenced to pre-trial detention on Thursday. According to information, in front of the investigator he pleaded serious psychiatric problems, submitted an apologetic memorandum with his positions and requested a psychiatric examination, without mentioning the murderous attack against his partner. At the same time, he allegedly declared himself a drug addict and requested that his unaccountable or reduced charge be recognized.

"Manipulative, with selective amnesia" say the psychiatric reports

According to the relevant Mega report, the psychiatrists who saw the 39-year-old ruled that he does not need immediate transfer to the psychiatric hospital, while they speak of "impulsive manipulative behaviors".

Specifically, the first psychiatrist who saw the 39-year-old on Friday, that is, the day he was remanded in custody, noted: "Patient 38 years old, calm and cooperative, maintains eye contact and answers questions clearly. Relatively space-time oriented. Perceptual disturbances and hallucinations are not reported. No severe cognitive impairment is checked, except for a selective amnesia (doesn't remember what happened, but remembers waking up in the ambulance). Given his clinical picture and taking into account that he is receiving psychiatric medication, he does not need immediate transfer to the Korydallos Detainee Psychiatry".

On Saturday, the 39-year-old was examined by a second psychiatrist, whose opinion states: "Stable clinical picture. He is on psychiatric medication. He does not report active, suicidal ideation. Predicting impulsive manipulative behaviors. Continuation of his stay in the Korydallos Detention Center under conditions of increased supervision".