The astrological predictions of Sunday, November 6, 2022

Venus is in opposition to Uranus, it is a difficult aspect that may bring a kind of internal and emotional opposition. It is possible that the behaviors will become alienated, the characters who are easily divided or upset will not be able to settle down, they will not actually know what exactly they want.


The Moon spends the day in your sign and you continue to focus on your emotional needs. At this time of the lunar month you are focusing on personal plans and goals. However current transits seem to stimulate insecurities and bad timing can occur. It is time to identify what is blocking your joy, growth and improvement. A Venus-Saturn square could cause a disappointment or a delay, but through it you may well learn more about what you need, want and desire by taking a step back to observe.

You may be determined to connect more deeply with personal interests, hobbies, and possibly a person. Today it's more apparent what's blocking your progress as your ruler Venus heads into a square aspect with Saturn. Even so, you may struggle with your expectations or struggle with your waning enthusiasm for a social life. You can rearrange your priorities or question your faith now. Taking some distance can help you gain a new perspective.

With today's transits people can be more sensitive which means it's probably better to make adjustments than to move forward. Worries about money, relationships, work or legal matters may prevail. Direct your actions toward addressing practical priorities and give relationships some healthy distance. Or you can see the downside of a situation and that helps you weigh the pros and cons. You can learn from your experiences now even if criticism appears.

With the Moon at the top of your solar chart today, you're more likely to be in the spotlight and in demand. You are clearly goal-oriented, but today you may have to struggle with conflicting needs due to special aspects. Uncertainty or emotional reticence may be part of the picture. There may also be feelings of exclusion or distancing.

The Moon continues its transit into your spirit and adventure sector today, creating a sense and inclination to feel that there is more to enjoy, learn or explore. However, today's transits can cause insecurities or feelings of being blocked. Saturn reminds you to take charge of your relationships these days, but today interactions can be difficult as Venus in your home and family sector forms a challenging square aspect to Saturn.

Transits tend to draw your attention to realistic factors and details whether you want to see them or not. Getting your message across well or politely can be difficult or others may seem distant or judgmental. Alternatively, you could feel overwhelmed by responsibilities that delay your gratification. Days like today are good for finding your own way, making yourself happy instead of relying on others or circumstances, and doing things even if they don't initially excite you.

The Moon spends the day in your partnership sector and you are ready to see things from a new perspective. Feedback is more important to you than usual, but you should consider that today's transits are rather selective and it is best not to give weight to the feedback of others. You may see areas where you are limited or lagging more clearly in current events and reasoning. Make adjustments or take a break as some unpleasant feelings are temporary.

Today it might be more rewarding to handle some loose stuff. Striving for something productive can be powerful though. Nevertheless, the day highlights your differences or problems requiring some adjustments. You may be indecisive as you struggle with conflicting needs and approaches. Insecurities and self-protection can interrupt the regular flow of your interactions. You may experience a stronger need for approval or attention, but others are absorbed in their own.

Today's Moon encourages your outgoing, confident side. The day seems to highlight contrasts and you become more aware of your different desires, needs and approaches. Avoid buying expensive things or committing to something half-heartedly. People can be hard to please, and a lack of natural flow makes it hard to find satisfaction. Fortunately it's a temporary thing.

The Moon continues to transit your home and family sector today and you tend to stick with the familiar and familiar. You remain a little withdrawn. Today's transits can mean obstacles to pleasure or some disconnections that block the flow of your interactions. Challenges may appear to remind you to slow things down enough to get back on solid ground if you've gone off course.

Although the day is not ideal for decisiveness, you quickly respond or connect and can get a lot of information. Since there may be minor disappointments and energy levels may temporarily dip later today, try not to take on too much. If someone important to you seems distant or uninterested, aim to move away and temporarily deal with your own affairs. People may not be particularly sensitive or sympathetic with Venus in a challenging aspect to Saturn in your sign.

With the Moon in your 2nd solar house you feel in control of your moods. However, you may feel somewhat suffocated or restricted by circumstances later today and those around you may not be particularly willing and receptive. Consider taking a step back to evaluate your goals, especially those related to your social and love life or your educational pursuits. Pay attention to small problems that help you prepare for more exciting moments.