The astrological predictions of Friday 25 August 2023

Mars forms a trine with Pluto, it is a positive aspect, it will help to strengthen internal defenses. The characteristics will be dynamism, self-confidence, need for regeneration and radical change. Hesitancy disappears, misgivings are left aside, essential decisions will be made that will not only have a present impact, but also a future one. Actions will accompany bold moods, dynamic actions will be taken that will change negative data.



Krie, the friendly groups are the protagonists even today, giving you the opportunity to escape from any tensions and to enjoy moments of relaxation and carefree. Be careful in the afternoon as misunderstandings can arise from your bad mood for no reason at all.

Professional - financial 

Insecurities come to the surface and can affect your course in relation to your ambitions. Take advantage of the situation to close trade agreements that may be pending for a long time. The day is ideal and will yield significant benefits in financial terms.

Pleasant memories with your partner create a beautiful setting where you enjoy to the fullest. Be careful not to upset things in the afternoon. If you are single, communication with a person from the past is predominant, but it can cause internal conflicts that will bother you.


Taurus, show the determination and dynamism you feel by moving forward with future plans that play a crucial role for you. The day is ideal to have a good time in any company you are in as you can give your lights on spiritual issues impressing everyone.

Professional - financial

Originality can dominate the professional field as you are given the opportunity to make choices that are different and can work. In the afternoon attention to communication there is irritation and can expose you by releasing it abruptly.

Optimism and passion take your relationship to the next level and create the conditions for you to realize your plans by favoring your relationship. If you are single, you impress with the magnetism and passion that you have and that will be enough to stimulate new faces in your life.


We give, it's time to deal with situations of the past that may be bothering you, but you have the mental strength needed to give decisive solutions that will relieve you of weights. Difficulties that may arise in communication are likely to put you in a difficult position.

Professional - financial

Job obligations are many and it is not easy to manage them easily as stress can prevail. Make sure you find innovative outlets that will ensure comfort in your movements, but pay attention to discussions as irritability can play a leading role and lead you to wrong behaviors.

You have the opportunity to close definitive issues of the past that concern your relationships and to dedicate yourself passionately to your partner, giving your best. If you are single, the person from the past can come back intensifying the feelings and repulsions that exist.


Cancer, the tension is diffuse from the morning as you are called to manage your insecurities that become immediately apparent. It is important to use the day to overcome situations of the past that bother you and not to confront her with friendly people who may disagree with your attitude.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of the opportunity given to you today to settle pending financial issues that may bother and stress you. Avoid making moves that concern your plans as it is possible to clash with people you work with.

The suspicion and doubts that manifest in your personal life do not leave your partner unaffected and it is possible to create tension between you due to your strange moods. If you are single, it is unlikely that you will be left with a new acquaintance as you can not settle for what you really want.


Leo, the need to restore your relationship with a person from a friendly environment is intense as you seek to have balance and harmony with those who play a leading role in your life. Do not miss the opportunity to leave behind you definitive misunderstandings that have plagued you.

Professional - financial

Opponents in your business and especially in terms of your associates can be busy from noon onwards as the disagreements you have become immediately apparent. Avoid important discussions that will lead to a dead end and give yourself time to think carefully about how you should sleep.

You can redefine with your partner the common goals and leave the conflicts aside that do not allow you to enjoy the beauty it has offered in your personal life. If you are single, the person in the friendly environment may express feelings that have been around for a long time, but it is a fact that you are not sure if you really want to move on.


Virgo, the busy daily life may not allow you to have fun and enjoy the company of people from your wider environment, something that is enough to enhance nervousness and create confrontations with people you meet and are important to you.

Professional - financial

It is possible that there will be professional proposals that come back to improve your profile and your career. Show maturity and diligence as in the afternoon your willingness to be indifferent to your professional course will cost you significantly.

You feel that it is not easy for your partner to realize your many obligations and it is very likely that conflicts will arise that will concern you. If you are unattached through the professional environment, a person who has stigmatized you can return, taking you out of your daily habits.


Libra, your mood is high and you are most likely to enjoy the company that can occur with people you have seen for a long time and have missed. In the afternoon, insecurities intensify, causing introversion and suspicion that will bother the people around you.

Professional - financial

Financial issues come to the fore as it is important for you to provide solutions that will be satisfactory and will relieve you of any stress. Be careful because selfishness and opposition will not lead to the desired path and you will probably lose what the real goal is.

You have to be careful in your personal life as your fears can play a negative role and spoil the beautiful atmosphere that exists with your partner. If you are single, it is possible to communicate with a person from the past who stimulates you spiritually and mentally to the maximum.


Scorpio, family plays a crucial role in giving you the opportunity to express feelings or worries that you may have for a long time. In the afternoon, take care to reduce your stress and mood swings as you will not hesitate to create problems in the family environment for no reason at all.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to close financial issues in relation to third parties who have been bothering you for a long time and this can be helped by people from the family who will work supportively in your choices. Beware of mood swings that will affect your collaborations.

Focus on having a good time with your partner, creating the appropriate setting in your personal space and watch out for possible conflicts that will upset the wonderful atmosphere. If you are single, use the return of a person from the past to clear up phobias that may have been created by you.


Sagittarius, communication with people close to you is very satisfying and gives you the opportunity to close issues that may have bothered you from the past. Be careful in the afternoon as obsessions leave no room for logical thinking and allow whining to dominate.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to settle trade agreements or they do not attract attention, just be careful to be financially accurate so that there are no misinterpretations. The tension at work is created by you as it is not easy to realize that you have to move to solve obligations that you have undertaken.

Take advantage of the opportunity given to you to solve issues that may concern your relationship from the past and to restore the beautiful atmosphere. If you are single, communication with a person from the past is very likely and that is enough to lift your spirits.


Capricorn, your insecurities come to the surface and you are called to manage them with the sole condition that you do an introspection that can bring significant results and indicate your own responsibilities. It's time to make changes that will give you confidence and stability.

Professional - financial

Close financial issues that may concern you and concern third parties, driven by your intuition that can show you the best possible way. Wasting to have a good time will create problems in your budget, make sure you do not lose control.

You enjoy the passion with your partner creating the appropriate setting where required, attention to the egocentrism that will cost you. If you are single, you have the opportunity to communicate with a person from the past who has given you strong emotions and a heartbeat. 


Aquarius, you dedicate yourself to what you think and want and seek to have a good time with any person you can find a common approach to fun. Beware of tensions that may arise at the family level that will spoil your good mood.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to take initiatives that can bring significant benefits in financial terms and to have profitable collaborations. What you should pay attention to is your mood swings that can create intense situations by overturning the data so far.

Try to express everything you hold inside you as you are sure that your partner will show understanding and willingness to satisfy you. If you are unattached, it is possible to come in contact with people from the past who arouse strong emotions again with his presence in your life.


Pisces, you come out of introversion and you want to star by claiming the best for you. Do not miss the opportunity to have a good time taking advantage of possible suggestions from close people that will pleasantly surprise you and leaving aside possible tensions due to mood swings.

Professional - financial

You claim the best in a professional way and this is strongly manifested in commercial transactions, public relations and online agreements that you may be interested in. Take advantage of the current situation as it is possible that there will be important proposals that will favor you.

Selfishness will not help you to express your needs as you would like. Tension lurks to create problems that will play a role in the course of your relationship. If you are single, you impress with the determination you show, beware of emotional ups and downs that will not favor new acquaintances.

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