The astrological predictions of Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Moon is in Taurus, there will be openings in matters of a financial nature. Conditions will be favorable to settle open cases, it will be necessary to avoid postponement. There will be a need for emotional balance, the interest will be directed towards security, security and stability.



Krie, you have the need to isolate yourself as the insecurities that come to the surface bother your psychology. Take care to limit explosive behaviors that will particularly disturb the friendly environment. It is important to keep your nerves in order to maintain normalcy in friendships.

Professional - financial

Financial agreements and issues that may be related to banks are coming to the surface and you are called to manage them smartly and efficiently for you. Conflict will not help you to be effective and get the best deal possible. Be careful because you will overturn all your efforts.

The need for complete control in your relationship goes against the desire for freedom of movement, significantly affecting your behavior and mood. It is not easy to leave the unattached to new people who can communicate, as you can not calm down what you really want.


Taurus, you can find the necessary balances in your interpersonal relationships by seeking to understand what those around you want. It is good that you do not forget your personal needs and look to the future with optimism. This will help you better define your relationship and what you want from those around you.

Professional - financial

The willingness to compromise is key to your partnerships and you can make a significant effort to overcome possible tensions of the past few days. A good mood will lead to new paths that are extremely optimistic about your professional life.

Moments with your partner offer joy, optimism and peace. Use the time to overcome issues that plague your relationship and enjoy the intense emotions that are created. The unattached can come in contact with a person who lifts the spirits and helps you see the positive side of life.


Gemini, the obsessions to arrange daily chores appear with dynamism and dominate during the day. It is important to be able to balance and exercise will help. Exercising the body helps the spirit to breathe and your psychology to rise.

Professional - financial

The tension at work is very likely to disorganize you, as it is possible to make other moves than you think. Conflicts with colleagues may concern you. It is necessary to keep low tones in order to release the tension and to do what is required of you.

You insist on details that may not be particularly important to your relationship, while refusing to see the forest and the offer of the partner you have in your life. The unattached will not be easy to leave yourself relaxed to enjoy communication with a person who shows interest in you.


Cancer, happy mood is influenced by fears and obsessions can come to the surface to emphasize their existence. Stress is a bad advisor for possible choices and it is possible to play an important role in tension and conflicts that may occur with people around you.

Professional - financial

The mood to do your business is not high as you would prefer to have a good time with the company of your man. Financial issues may arise during the day where you are deeply concerned. Beware of spasmodic reactions that will upset agreements.

Emotions are strong and you want to express them to your partner, but insecurities do not allow you to let go and this will become apparent in your relationship. The unattached can not seek to get in touch with the person who is distracting you, you will do well to control phobias that affect your behavior.


Leo, the mood swings strongly and you are more likely to be isolated in your space with familiar faces. Bad mood can easily be relieved in the faces of those around you, be careful and restrain your nerves to avoid unnecessary quarrels.

Professional - financial

The day can turn out unpleasantly for your collaborations if you do not manage to control your anger. It is not excluded that the partners compete with you and this does not allow you to stay at a leisurely pace. Control will help you think calmly and act appropriately.

Your partner's competitive behaviors affect you and create emotional ups and downs. This does not allow you to keep a cool attitude and it is possible to energize the atmosphere. The unattached feel the nervousness overwhelms you, something that works as a deterrent to engage in new acquaintances.


Virgo, you turn your attention to people around you as communication with them fills you with joy. Of course, you will do well to be restrained in your reactions as it is not excluded that there may be disagreements that will lead to conflicts, negatively affecting your contacts.

Professional - financial

Opportunities in commercial agreements that interest you affect your psychology and their course. It is imperative that you show conciliatory thinking and express any objections in a calm tone. Otherwise the controversies will not allow a smooth outcome to things.

Aggression in the way you communicate with your partner will play an inhibitory role in the expression of emotions, be sure to avoid it. The unattached will hardly allow yourself to express what he really feels in a new person, be careful because the irritation will take on negative consequences.


Libra, issues of self-confidence make their appearance and bother your mood significantly. On the one hand you feel the dynamism overflowing, on the other hand you can not really believe in yourself and this manifests itself abruptly in the environment in which you move. 

Professional - financial

Financial issues concern you and it is possible to find obstacles in the development of your plans. You should pay attention to waste that will take you out of budget as wanting to be generous with those around you can create a problem for yourself.

Beware of stubborn behaviors that do not allow you to show the strong feelings he has in your partner, as you seek to protect yourself and not be "exposed". The unattached are likely to argue fiercely with a person who is intensely interested in you if you fail to balance within yourself and accept yourself.


Scorpio, it is time to show the immediate feelings and needs you have, but the way you manage will play a decisive role. Take care to restrain your nerves and do not let irritation overwhelm your mind as it will lead you to behaviors that you will later regret.

Professional - financial

You will not hesitate to take initiatives in terms of collaborations that interest you. But these should be well calculated as it is possible to lead to specific movements due to mood swings and emotions. Think logically and calmly before making decisions that will have significant consequences.

Selfishness and recklessness can cause significant tension in your personal life and you may find yourself apologizing to your partner for possible actions and aggressive moods. The unbound or divisive mood you express leaves no room for a new person to show his true feelings for you.


Sagittarius, the need to isolate yourself from your environment becomes more intense than ever as the past makes its appearance and creates possible gloom. Beware of abrupt reactions that will affect relationships with those around you and will lead to controversy due to your own outbursts.

Professional - financial

You should be careful about trade and possible deals that interest you as your sensitivities affect the crisis and do not allow you to see clearly how to move professionally. Make sure you use logic and leave emotion away from collaborations.

Blurred thoughts due to emotion affect your behavior and lead you to moves that may disappoint your partner. The unattached can not come into contact with a person from the past who upsets you and awakens unpleasant memories.


Capricorn, what mainly satisfies you is to get in touch with people from the friendly environment, but it is not excluded that stubbornness and intransigence can dominate and influence the dialogue. Communication should be based on logic and not on your insecurities.

Professional - financial

It is important to show maturity and composure as goals and ambitions that you have or to find obstacles seem to be upset. You will do well not to collide with people who coordinate in team efforts that you participate in as it will affect the progress of work.

Your independent nature makes its appearance and negatively affects your relationship as you claim your freedom, but at the same time you want control over your partner. The unattached person limits the spasmodic movements that will work negatively in communication with people who show a strong interest in you. 


Aquarius, the day turns your attention to relationships with the wider and immediate environment and it is possible to make decisions to close definitive issues with people who have played a crucial role in your life. The irritability that governs you does not help to control your thoughts and aggression will play a negative role.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take in terms of your collaborations will be important as long as you understand that coming into conflict with your partners will not help you develop your goals. Make sure you keep your tone low and take advantage of potential ideas and sudden opportunities that come in handy to work like a machine god in your business.

You will not hesitate to be vindictive with your partner as you seem to be claiming the best for yourself, but the way is wrong. The unattached person is likely to take initiatives and get in touch with a person who is attracting your attention, be careful to limit impulsiveness so that there are no problems.


Pisces, relationships with your wider family and friends environment are affected as situations in the past lead you to outbursts and behaviors that will surprise you. You will do well to control your nervousness and show maturity without spoiling your mood.

Professional - financial

Today you are given the opportunity to be active with contacts abroad that can give you new opportunities for development. You will do well not to allow introversion and mood swings to affect your behavior and discretion as they may lead you down the wrong path.

Focus on having a good time with your partner and leave the repulsed ones aside that will create problems by energizing the atmosphere in your relationship. The unattached can get in touch with a new person through your wider environment, attention to traumas of the past that do not let you enjoy the moments.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from