The astrological predictions of Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Sun forms a hexagon with Jupiter, it is a positive aspect, it will help to strengthen optimism, the characteristics will be capacity, self-confidence, coordinated and methodical way of thinking. The timing is suitable to organize the plans and visions, in matters of a professional nature there will be an opening for improvement.



Aries, today you are given the opportunity to deal with professional partnerships and your personal life thoroughly. Noon can lead to exaggerations and mishandling due to insecurities in interpersonal relationships. 

Professional - financial 

The day is ideal for financial discussions can develop very positively in your professional life. But the fact is that the strong doubts that may overwhelm you may be incendiary in collaborations that are important to you.

It is important for you to enjoy moments with your partner away from control games that will lead with mathematical precision to tension and conflict. If you are unattached / careful you should be in a new acquaintance as you will not hesitate to impose your views and this will be enough to bother.


Taurus, today is not ruled out to bring wrong impressions on a material and emotional level that you are called to overcome. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses or exaggerations that are sure to cost you.

Professional - financial

The day gives you the opportunity to promote collaborations that may be of great interest. You need to be careful during the day as irritability and the need to impose yourself lead to conflict situations that are best avoided.

This is not the right day to show your partner potential insecurities as the promises that will be made will not be clear. If you are single, it is possible that a new person will come into your life that will take off your imagination, but remember that phenomena deceive.


Gemini, the day is not ruled out to create illusions that concern your needs that will significantly affect your personal and professional life. Avoid important discussions and agreements as you will later find out that you made mistakes.

Professional - financial

You focus on everyday issues that may be of great concern to you. Be careful during the day and as the nervousness is vertical and this can significantly affect relationships with people from your work environment.

You will do well to enjoy beautiful moments with your partner away from big words and promises that can later hurt. If you are single, many will show interest in you. Avoid trusting people who flatter you because they have second thoughts.


Cancer, you focus all your attention on your professional life and how you can achieve the goals you have set. The afternoon is likely to cause upset due to excessive behaviors and competitive moods that may trouble you.

Professional - financial

Confrontations with important people in your career can take a long time if you do not manage to control your nerves and your personal insecurities. It is important to keep your tone low and to trust your intuition by trying to protect yourself from what you feel might be threatening you professionally.

Try to avoid being in the mood to excite your partner as this will lead to situations that will negatively affect the relationship and communication between you. If you are single / the new acquaintance may not arise through the professional environment, the inner turmoil that occupies you does not allow you to see clearly what it can offer you.


Leo, you seek to meet people from your immediate environment as they help you relax and have a good time with them. Noon is likely to lead to obsessive and excessive behaviors that will annoy and create tension in any company you are in.

Professional - financial

Conflicts can arise with people you want to partner with and who are involved in trade or communication. Control games and underground situations can greatly disturb you in order to launch developments that will be negative for agreements that you want to reach.

Communication should be clear and in realistic terms as indecency and harsh words can hurt the relationship. If you are single, it is possible to meet a new person through the familiar environment, but the intense suspicion does not allow you to enjoy the moments.


Virgo, you focus mainly on your material and emotional needs as it is important for you to feel safe and stable at all levels. Lunch is not ruled out to lead to excessive expenses due to the need to be shown that you will later regret.

Professional - financial

It is better not to make financial deals and moves that you may later regret as it is characterized by excessive self-confidence and the need to promote yourself. Waste will create a problem in your budget, make sure you limit it.

It is necessary to curb the tension that you hide inside you as it is likely to unpleasantly affect your relationship by causing tension with your child. If you are unattached / new acquaintance may occur, beware of stubbornness and intransigence that manifest themselves to an excessive degree.


Libra, today creates the necessary self-confidence to be able to claim what you want on a personal and professional level. The afternoon is likely to lead to costly exaggerations and emotional outbursts.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to make significant progress in agreements that may interest you, but it is necessary to put aside the need to impose yourself. The problems he will cause will be intense and will disappoint his would-be associates.

The indecency and the need to control your partner do not leave room for calm moments, try to reduce possible doubts that create fears. If you are single and many may be interested in you, it is important that you do not become overbearing and manipulative with them.


Scorpio, you feel the need to isolate yourself from everyone and everything as situations of the past come to the fore and affect you. Noon strengthens the emotions and creates outbursts that you will later regret.

Professional - financial

It is important to close cases that may be pending and cost you psychologically. But it is difficult to focus as you can not give the required attention and daily responsibilities. Be careful as too much emotion will lead to mistakes.

Excessive behavior and emotionalism do not leave room for a healthy approach and situations that may concern you. If you are single, people from the past may seek to be with you, you can not objectively see what they really want from you.


Sagittarius, you seek to meet people from the friendly environment who fill you with joy and are in the mood to listen to your thoughts. Noon strengthens intransigence and stubbornness and it is not excluded that you will come into conflict that will create problems in your friendly relations.

Professional - financial

It is possible that there will be significant developments in professional goals that you may have, but it is not excluded that there may be competitive moods on your part that come to the surface and energize the atmosphere. Be careful as your behavior will play a decisive role in the developments.

You should pay attention to goals and ambitions that concern your partner as it is possible to work by taking initiatives that he will not like. If you are single, subversive new acquaintances may exist, but your insecurities do not allow you to enjoy and rejoice in this new one that comes into your life. 


Capricorn, today you feel that the time has come to deal with professional issues that concern you intensely. Noon reinforces the need to impose opinions, something that will displease those around you.

Professional - financial

Try to keep a low profile in the professional environment as you will not hesitate to strongly oppose those who you think are not what you think. It is possible to try to impose your wishes, something that will create strong reactions and frictions.

It is important to put aside everything that concerns you in your professional life and can create significant problems in your relationship. If you are a newcomer to the professional environment, the need to impose yourself will be very annoying.


Aquarius, today you feel that the time has come to have a good time with people from your wider environment who fill you with joy. Noon brings issues of the past to the fore that will create tensions or controversies. 

Professional - financial

It is important to accept that it is time to face reasons that come to the surface and affect you in your professional life. They do not allow you to see your personal path with optimism and they get in the way of plans that have a lot to offer you.

Try to focus on what fills you with joy in your personal life and put aside insecurities that bother you from previous situations. If you are single, new people may come into your life but your personal fears do not allow you to enjoy what you deserve.


Pisces, today leaves no room to see clearly what really interests you on a family level. Beware of mistakes that may arise that relate to real estate issues as they will have financial and psychological costs.

Professional - financial

Today gives you the opportunity to launch cases with a person from abroad who has important proposals for you. Try to avoid possible suspicions and obsessions that come to the fore and create problems in your communication.

Romance and hypersensitivity lead you to lose control and cause tension due to emotional outbursts that will affect your relationship. If you are single, it will not be easy to dedicate yourself to new people as the mood is intense and it pays you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from