What gift to give him for Valentino depending on his zodiac sign

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How can you impress a dominant and highly dynamic sign and bring it closer to its romantic nature? Here is the question! Gifts and material goods will not move Aries, as other zodiac signs would move. He wants to see effort, effort, thought behind your every move and then it will become a rug to press him!

What I mean… After you have put on your tiny black dress and inside you are wearing his favorite lace underwear, invite him to your house to spend the night together. There you will have an impressive dinner, a pasta with seafood or a risotto with saffron, accompanied by fine champagne or red wine (he does the same), while the house will be lit with small tealights and rose petals, which will start from the door and they will reach the bedroom.

Barry White will fill the room with his voice and put you in the right mood for… sweet! After the champagne will flow abundantly and he has already tasted a spoonful of your homemade chocolate pie, suggest him to massage his back! He will go crazy and relax incredibly!

According to statistical surveys, in the next few minutes you will be grabbed and you will run running and half naked in the bedroom! There, Aries will unfold all his talent and gratitude for the most perfect Valentine's Day! 


Taurus is one of the most sensual signs of the circle! It may be difficult to play and it may seem abrupt, but as soon as you go with its waters or bring it where it wants, it becomes an ointment! This particular zodiac sign loves its calm and wants everything to be tidy and controlled around it.

The most appropriate gift for Valentine's Day would be a room in a luxury hotel in a remote destination. Even if the destination is not so far away, Taurus will appreciate the comforts of the hotel and will go crazy with the spa, the pool and any activities that a good hotel can offer.

His curiosity will make him try from the strangest food in the room service menu to the most famous cocktail in the lobby bar. The whole luxurious atmosphere will enchant Taurus and as soon as he gets used to his space, he will start to be active… inside the room.

Then he will deal with you and thank you (especially) for all the amenities you provided, as he feels it is time to reciprocate! It should be noted that Taurus is like little children. He likes fancy toys and as soon as he gets bored of them, he sees the essence and the real reason to be happy. (And he is none other than having a woman who takes care of him and does all the eyebrows next to him!).



The perfect gift for a Gemini is to spend the most romantic day of the year… together with other couples. Caution! This does not mean that he does not love you or wants to do something romantic with you, he just loves his friends very much and wants to share this beautiful moment with you and with them!

Communication is everything for a Gemini and no matter how much he adores his partner, he can not be locked in the house and even if he closes, he wants friends to surround him. One suggestion, then, for the Social Gemini is to book a table (for four) at a Cuban restaurant. There, he can taste strange flavors and get drunk with rum, while talking non-stop about his weekly adventures to his friendly couple. Once he eats the dessert and is sweetened by the drink and the conversation, start dancing latin, with the others and raise his libido to new heights!

He will be thrilled with the idea of ​​learning something new and will thank you with his eyes for the wonderful evening he is having. As a Gemini he has the rhythm and the dance inside him and it is a matter of time before he becomes the attraction of the store and the shotguns come to you sweetly, one after the other!

As soon as you leave the restaurant (and stop handing out autographs!), Go home and invite him to give you a more personal dance. You will have already put satin red sheets on the bed, while on the nightstand will be waiting for one last bottle of champagne. Cheers, Gemini! 



Cancer is the easiest sign to choose as a gift on Valentine's Day. And I explain… This particular sign is sensitive and highly emotional. Whatever you do to him, he will be happy, because you simply thought of him and got into a lot of trouble for him!

So start the day by leaving a rose next to the pillow, along with a note that says "Good morning, my love! Happy birthday! " Even if you are separated for 8 hours due to work, he continued to send love messages and dedicate love pieces to him all day, showing him how much you look forward to seeing him at night and how much you want to spend the night as you deserve.

As soon as he returns from work, welcome him with your sweetest smile and start kissing him. The table will be romantically set and the lighting will be low, but what will make him enchanted will be his gift. (Because the gestures are nice, but Cancer also wants something to be left as a memory!)

After you have eaten and exchanged words of love, take out a heart-shaped cake that you will have made with your own hands and give the box that you carefully hid behind the sofa. Inside the box will be hidden a digital frame, which will contain all your photos from the first moment you met until today. This gift will fill him with memories and he will feel once again incredibly lucky to have you in his life!



A day of love for most zodiac signs, a day of love, but also of radiance for Leo. As much as you want to spend a romantic Valentine's Day, you must first impress your demanding partner. When it's time to go out, put on your goodies, dye as beautifully and impressively as you can and make your hair shine and look silky, as this is the big fetish of Leo.

The gift you have chosen for him should have something to do with his appearance. It may be the greatest day of love and affection, but for this particular sign, expensive clothes (or even good and beautiful clothes) or accessories are the best you can get to make him happy.

As soon as you see him and he is dazzled by your beauty, say "happy birthday" to him by giving him a cashmere sweater, a silk tie, a watch or a pair of evening shoes, if your pocket can afford it, or else give him a gift voucher for shopping in Attica or any other large department store, so that he has all the options at his feet!

After the exchange of gifts, you can have a cocktail at a luxury bar in the northern suburbs, celebrating your love and beauty in an environment with refined music and stylish people. He will feel so unique and special and will be ready to focus all his attention on you… and whatever arises! 



Practicality is half nobility, even when a Virgo is in love! This zodiac sign wants everything to perfection and loves control and order. He could not fall in love with his partner more, if he gave him a tablet as a gift so he could make appointments, watch news, movies and anything else he wants, and be online anytime, anywhere.

In case he does not live with his partner, he would be very happy, if his girlfriend paid him for a year a woman to clean their house once a week! This would relieve him and make him love her, as he shows that he has understood his great concern for cleanliness and nobility! So that day, you can take him to a luxury restaurant, which uses exclusively organic products, deeply expressing your love and respect for his choices.

After eating and seeing the joy painted on his face, give him a card (Yes, with teddy bears and hearts! Such days are always successful), which will say: "My love, your gift is waiting for you at home!" . And as soon as you go home, the Virgin will come in full of curiosity and will see it very clean, with the sheets folded and creased properly, while a chocolate bar will be placed on the headboard of the bed! Em..then it will be time to reveal the gift and then get lost happily in his warm embrace! 



The truth is that the ways of Libra will not let him not enjoy Valentine's Day! Whatever gift he receives from his beloved, he will appreciate the gesture so much and will rush to return it (if he has not already done so!). Libra wants magic, romance, but also greatness!

The perfect gift for Valentine's Day would be to take him by car and take him on a little adventure. You will tell him to cancel his schedule or take a day off and you will kidnap him in the car. Do not forget to remind him to dress well, because if you go somewhere officially with the specific sign and he does not notify you in advance to have the appropriate clothing, there is a chance that he will run out of the car as soon as the traffic light turns red.

So, as soon as he sits in the passenger seat, he will see tickets waiting for him for the concert of his favorite artist in VIP seats. Somewhere there he will lose the earth under his feet and will wonder if his own gift can overcome such a special surprise! After the concert, a closed table can be waiting for you for lunch or just a drink in a special cocktail bar, so that you can comment on the whole event in peace.

I will not describe the end of the night, as I believe that after such a gift Libra will have already secretly booked a hotel, somewhere nearby, so that you two can be and for you he gives you an evening full of love and passion!



Valentine's Day is associated with the sign of Scorpio. It is the most sexual sign and is a lover of passion and the erotic atmosphere. He is crazy about flirting, about eyes, about small touches, but also about hidden gestures of a cunning type.

The most ideal gift, then, for a Scorpio could not be more than a night of passionate sex with his partner. Let's say you ate, drank enough to have a good performance, and let's go straight to the grill!

You have put black satin sheets on the bed and you have dimmed the lighting. You order him to lie on the bed and handcuff him on the railing of the bed. You close his eyes with a handkerchief and let the imagination play its game! The only sure thing is that the underwear you have chosen to wear will be cut and sewn for the occasion.

You can prefer lacy or for more kinky looks, leather! As he is lost in his dark world, you are left with only your underwear and you are preparing to do the same to him. I will not describe the sequel, as after the Scorpio gift it will be an excerpt from Harlequin!

All I have to add is that any new sex toy is more than welcome in your bedroom and that depending on his tastes, you can play a role and talk to him in the appropriate way.



If "kidnapping" by car, on Valentine's Day, is the most spontaneous gift for a Libra, then a two-day trip - surprise is the ultimate happiness for a Sagittarius. This zodiac sign loves adventure, action and adrenaline, while he hates routine, trivial situations and misery.

Apart from the simple gift, such as an annual subscription to a sports club or a mountaineering team, the ultimate gift for a Sagittarius on the most romantic day of the year, is a trip to a new destination, which he will look forward to discovering. He would go crazy if you took him for two days in the snow for skiing or just a short trip to a house in a forgotten village.

Where he would get to the point of making an incredibly romantic love confession would be if you made him a map of the most picturesque places in the village and gave him a mini-treasure hunt to win the big trophy… which is nothing more than your hug!

Consider making five or six romantic envelopes containing puzzle notes. He will have to find one puzzle to move on to the next. The puzzles can be related to your relationship and once it answers, it will move on to the next point where it will be another folder.

Once he has found everything and his anxiety will have reached the heights, then you will lead him to a romantic part of the village, where you will have set the table and wait for him to solve the last and most important puzzle σας your love! 



You can also get educated with Capricorn, as it is a sign that does not fly in the clouds and does not often escape from reality! Valentine's Day is a day that he may not pay much attention to, as he believes that every day he is in love with his girlfriend and does not need such a commercialized celebration to show it!

Whatever he says, whatever he does, he is also a small child who really enjoys gifts. So, on the occasion of the official day that praises love, you can buy him something rare or something hard to find as a gift. An item from a second-hand shop or an antique shop would move him and then he would really understand why we should make love gifts more often.

In particular, Capricorn loves antiques and the things that hide a story behind them. A vinyl, an old gramophone or an armchair of the 50s, accompanied by the appropriate card that would reveal the true reasons for the gift, would pique his interest and make him very happy.

Although the gift is purely material and does not hide any romantic element, Capricorn will take the message and try to reciprocate the gesture, either by having dinner at a good restaurant or satisfying all your sexual desires. And only from this thought will he understand that Valentine's Day is just an occasion for celebration. (And Capricorn wants bullying!).



Peace, order and security for Aquarius on Valentine's Day! This particular sign will be as happy as Cancer, if you prepare a dinner for him at home by candlelight. He likes to live in a world of his own, made of love and imaginary actions.

What you can do, of course, to show your bottomless love for his face is to cook him his favorite recipe, accompanied by an aged wine and to have prepared a surprise gift for him after dessert. (And I do not mean only sex!) This gift can be his enrollment in an educational program or in a specialized seminar, in which he will be able to receive additional knowledge on the subject that interests him and is active.

His restless and dreamy spirit will be enchanted if he realizes that he can study further or perfect his work subject, through a participation in an educational institution or institution, in which he had not thought or did not have the money to participate before. The fact that his girlfriend is interested in his education and additional training, makes Aquarius fly in the clouds from his joy, as he realizes that he has next to him a man with understanding and pure feelings for his face.

As soon as the first shock is over, he will run excitedly into your arms and will offer to massage you all over your body to "repay" this rare gift!

Source: astropedia.gr