LIOPETRI: They made original recipes with carrot (VIDEO+PICTURES)

Original recipes on the occasion of the 2nd Cypriot Carrot Festival on July 22 in Liopetri

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A press conference was recently held at the Liopetri River, regarding the presentation of the 2nd Carrot Festival which will take place on July 22, 2022 at the "Achyron" Community Stadium in Liopetri.

During the press briefing, chef Andreas Paskouis executed a recipe with the basic material of the carrot tortilla Carrot stuffed with aromatic cream cheese, sun-dried tomato and prosciutto. The Deputy President of the Liopetri Community Council Vassos Manolis, the Community Councilors Giorgos Parlas, Stelios Stylianou, Giannakis Charalambous, the Members of the Cultural Committee Eva Mastrou and Andri Nikolaou and the presenter of the festival Despina Pourekou gave relevant information about the entire organization of the Festival.

Watch the video recorded by Famagusta.News:

The 2nd Pancypriot Carrot Festival

The Community Council of Liopetri, in the context of promoting agricultural products, produced in the community of Liopetri, is planning for the second time the 2nd Pancypriot Carrot Festival on Friday, July 22, 2022.

The Festival that will take place at the "ACHYRON" Community Stadium of Liopetriou will start at 8pm. and admission will be 5 euros for people over 18, Students and Soldiers Free. All net proceeds will be allocated to SKE Liopetriou and specifically to the New Regional Day Care Center for Adults and Persons with Dementia, AgaliaZO.

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At the Festival, there will be booths selling products with carrot as the main ingredient, such as: sweet and jam, carrot cakes (individual and family), carrot flavored crepes, donuts with carrot cream and jam, twisted carrot, carrot ice cream, liqueur carrot, carrot praline, sushi with carrot as the main ingredient, rice pudding with carrot jam. Juice, margaritas and carrot cocktails will also be sold. At the same time, there will be stalls with spit, kleftiko, hot dogs with coslaw salad, pickled carrots, fried carrots with eggs, crepes and various drinks.

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A special place at the Festival will be the executive chefs of the community, coordinated by Mr. Andreas Paskouis, who together with a large team of cooks will prepare and offer free creations, with the carrot as the main ingredient. All visitors will have the opportunity to try the following original recipes for free:

  • Hummus with roasted carrots, avocado, ginger and basil oil
  • Carrot Slaw with raisins, green apple and chia seeds
  • Carrot mousse with orange, mint and cumin

The chefs will also demonstrate the following alternative carrot recipes:

  • Carrot sourdough bread with gruyere and flaxseed
  • Rainbow carrot ribbon salad
  • Carrot fritters with bruche cheese and mastic sauce
  • Sushi rolls with carrot, salmon and crab hearts
  • Tarts with carrot, orange and cumin cream
  • Buckwheat with carrots, glaze, pistachios and goji berries

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At the same time, the event will offer the possibility of entertainment with a five-hour musical program, in which the Music-Dance Group of the Cultural Club of Liopetriou "Tradition". The evening will culminate with the musical group ONIRAMA. The Festival is presented by Despina Pourekkou.

The Festival is under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Mr. Kostas Kadi.

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The logo of the Pancypriot Carrot Festival

The logo of the Carrot Festival is inspired by the Tradition of Liopetriou and specifically by the art of basket weaving. The shape results from the combination of the shapes of the basket and the carrot. It combines different ways of weaving, which symbolize: agriculture (green color), water: Liopetriou River (blue color) and the art of basket weaving itself (brown color). It is designed by Niki's Bookshop and graphic designer, Agamemnon Meliou.