We vote to be entitled to criticism

Article by Marios Adamos

elections 1 Parliamentary Elections 2021, Marios Adamou

Written by Marios Adamou *

We have not reached the end of the election campaign at all, which I consider to be perhaps the worst in terms of level that I personally have experienced since 2005 when I have been working as a journalist. Low level communication games, bad taste spots, trivial slogans, unrestrained chatter, constant exchange of accusations, often lack of arguments, wooden speech even by young candidates who should bring the air of renewal of morals and attitudes in the political scene in many cases, bad of Social Media. With opposite results from what the party mechanisms expected and mainly the increase instead of the reduction of the dissatisfaction of the majority of the public opinion for the political staff of the country. We experienced worse-than-ever spotting campaigns between candidates, mainly within the party! Facts that even me, who since 2001 when I have the right to vote and did not abstain from any electoral contest even the years I was a student abroad, led me to think at times if it is worth going to the polls to vote .

However, I am not going to do them this favor. On Sunday I will go to the polls, because by abstaining we are simply awarding prizes to the candidates who come from the party greenhouses and promote their mechanisms. I am going to vote, because the picture may seem and be largely disappointing, however there are worthy candidates in almost all party combinations. Although they are largely lost in the mire of catastrophe here and there, they have to present proposals and new ideas, they have a rich political discourse away from fanaticism, extremism and aphorisms and above all they have shown with their personal course ethos and honesty.

Especially in our province we have almost 130 candidates. I'm sure we can all find some worthy ones. Those who will be able to represent us or maybe some have represented us in previous years adequately and with dignity. Those who will be able to promote positions and demands for the development and advancement of the province of Famagusta, who will defend our interests in these difficult times, who will lay the foundation stone for a better and more optimistic tomorrow. Can someone call me "Curly Hair". He may well be right to be disappointed. However, abstention in my humble opinion also deprives you of the right to criticize. Abstention should not be considered a revolutionary act but an act of indifference and resignation.

That is why those of us who want to have a say and a right to criticism the next day let us exercise our right to vote. Let everyone choose those who they think will be able to better represent us on the main stage with dignity and prudence. On Sunday let's try to find those who have proved themselves worthy, even from other party venues where everyone traditionally belongs (at last let us not consider the party transgression, neither the reds will eat us nor the blues will tear us apart) and let them give our support of course not as a blank check.

To avoid the mediocre, we must find the worthy!

To have a say and a right to criticism, we must participate!

That's why on Sunday we go to the polls!

* Journalist, Author