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The Consumer Protection Service (CPC) of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, as the competent authority in Cyprus for the operation and management of the European Rapid Information Exchange System for non-food products, informs consumers that the week starting at 18 / 10/2021 (RAPEX - Report 42) 19 products that pose a risk to their health and safety have been notified to the System. These products were found in the markets of various Member States of the European Union and were then notified to the RAPEX Safety Gate System.

Consumers can be informed about dangerous products on the CPC website at www.consumer.gov.cy.

The 19 products were distributed for market control purposes as follows:

  • Eight (8) to the Consumer Protection Service, with one (1) of them having been notified to the system by Cyprus.
  • Three (3) in the Labor Inspection Department.
  • Two (2) in the Road Transport Department.
  • Two (2) in the Department of Electromechanical Services.
  • Two (2) in the Health Services.
  • One (1) in the Department of Pharmaceutical Services.
  •  One (1) in the Department of Environment.

The products related to the Consumer Protection Service as well as the corresponding risks are described in the table below.

See the table HERE

It is pointed out that the products with serial numbers 1 to 7, have been evaluated by the European Commission as products of serious risk, while product 8 has been evaluated by the European Commission as a product of lower risk.


It is noted that of the above eight (8) products, one (1) has been identified
initially by YPC in the Cyprus market (without having previously
located in other Member States) and has proceeded with commitment and withdrawal
The remaining products are likely to be in the Cypriot market and to
directly threaten the health and safety of consumers and especially children. THE
Consumer Protection Service has already started intensive market inspections
for any location of the products.
The Consumer Protection Service invites importers, distributors, sellers who
may have such products to stop selling immediately and to
notify the Service.
The Consumer Protection Service also calls consumers in case
who own the above products to stop using them and take them
return to the seller, ie from the store from which they have them
procured and at the same time to inform it.
It is noted that according to the Consumer Protection Law of 2021,
in the event of the purchase of an unsafe product, the consumer shall be entitled to
replacement of the product so that the product complies with the conditions
of the contract of sale. If this is not possible, then the consumer is entitled to
withdraw, ie return the product to the seller and take it back
full amount paid. Please note that the above rights apply to
period of 2 years from the initial delivery of the product to the consumer and that
the sole responsibility for the consumer always lies with the final seller.
In the event that the seller refuses to comply with the above rights
of the consumer, the consumer is invited to submit his complaint in writing
through the website of the Consumer Protection Service

Contact Info

For further information or to lodge a complaint consumers can
contact the Service through its website (www.consumer.gov.cy) or
on the phones:
Κατα Consumer Line 1429
Λευ Nicosia Headquarters 22200927 and 22200925
Λε Limassol District Office 25819150
Πά Paphos District Office 26804613
Λ Larnaca / Famagusta District Office 24816160