Feng Shui: Change these 6 things in your home decoration and you will attract money like a magnet

Feng shui is a Chinese design system to bring harmony and balance to our space through some changes.

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The Feng shui is a Chinese design system to bring harmony and balance to our space, through some changes, as all things have a specific place and serve a purpose.

By making a series of specific changes in your space, these will bring luck and profits to your professional life.

Feng Shui: The Six Changes That Bring Luck and Success in Business


Arrange your things in a row

Feng shui suggests that money "stumbles" into clutter. Put order and energy and luck will circulate in the space in your favor.

Fix what's broken

To keep money energy flowing abundantly, fix what isn't working in your space. Items that cannot be repaired simply throw them away.

Add color to your life

Specifically, purple and green, which help with luck. You don't need to paint the walls, you can put pillows or decorations with these two colors.

Pay attention to money

Keep your bills spread out in large wallets and not folded or crumpled. Feng shui holds that in this way more will come. Also, keep your notebooks in a green or purple box and place it in the outer left corner of your desk.

Prefer objects – magnets

These are the decorations that bring money and good luck. A typical example is the aquarium. Place an aquarium with 9 goldfish (eight red or gold and one black) in your living room and you will instantly unlock the money flow.

Say yes to flowers

Finally, put fresh flowers in your vases and never use dried ones.


via: Enimerotiko