An employee had been working for 27 years, he had never taken a day off, but one day he was given something and his life changed

A pleasant news is making rounds on the internet and it is about the amount of $300.000 that an employee got as a gift from his job.

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A pleasant news is making the rounds on the internet and it is about the amount of $300.000 that a employee as a gift from his work.

Viral became an employee at a large chain fast food of Las Vegas. The reason for Kevin Ford, 54 years old, who has been working in this particular chain for 27 years. Most notably, however, he hadn't taken a single day off in all that time.

Ford, a cashier and cook at the chain's store at McCarran International Airport since 1995, on his 27th anniversary with the same company, received as gift from his superiors at Burger King, a backpack containing a free movie ticket, a Starbucks mug, candies and chocolates, according to MarketWatch.

The video of him accepting the gift and thanking his colleagues was quickly made viral. Many, however, were those who, when they saw it, were shocked by the fact that an employee received such an insignificant thank you gift from the company after so many years of service.

They set out to raise $200

A little later, the daughters they set up a GoFundMe page for their father, initially wanting to raise about $200 as a gift for him. Soon, the amount raised exceeded 300.000 dollars and they could not hide their joy.

“The man in this video is my father. He worked at his job for 27 years and yes, he never missed a day of work", wrote Ford's daughter Serena, launching the initiative. Serina even mentioned that the family "in no case" he wasn't asking for money “but if anyone wanted to help him, he would love to visit them grandchildren of".

He had not seen his grandchildren for four years

The employee's wish came true when he traveled to New York to appear on the show Today of NBC and met his grandchildren live on television. "I haven't seen my grandchildren in over four years", he declares himself.

"I've been crying all these days and naturally, I cried live on TV when I saw my grandchildren", he adds. As for the money raised for him, Ford said he has no plans to retire or make holidays still, and that he remains devoted to his family.

"You never know, it's day by day, but I haven't thought about doing anything else with the money, other than visiting my grandkids for a while and maybe putting some aside for studies them, but I haven't thought about it. I just keep working", said the official.


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