Cyprus: Grabbed 53.000 euros pretending to be a vehicle importer

A 31-year-old man is wanted by the police

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A case of theft of 53.000 euros from a person who allegedly posed as a vehicle importer in Paphos is being investigated by the Police, who are looking for a 31-year-old suspect.

According to the press representative of ADE Paphos and head of TAE Paphos, Michalis Nikolaou, it was reported by three persons aged 30, 35 and 61 that between May and July 14 this year, on separate occasions. handed over money in the amount of 53.000 euros to a permanent resident of Cyprus aged 31 who introduced himself to them as a car seller with the aim of taking action and importing specific cars from abroad.

As it was established, the 31-year-old seems to have left Cyprus, without responding to any of their calls.

An arrest warrant has been issued against him and he is wanted.