Caution! If you see this at the ATM go away - They can "empty" your accounts

ATM risk: Too many people risk losing money from their personal accounts.

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Danger at ATMs: Too many people risk losing money from staff accounts their. The signs are there, but they do not know them. Have you noticed ATM with cracks and scratches? There is a reason you should not "raise" money from it!

What are skimmers?

Skimmers are devices that read the information contained in the magnetic stripe of your card. They can also be hidden behind its "damages" ATMDetecting a "skimmer" is difficult. This is because it is almost the same as an ordinary one ATM in shape, color and material, or has a teased keyboard. But there are signs that you can notice, such as cracks, crevices, scratches and other signs of mechanical damage to ATM. So, from now on be very careful.ATM risk: How are bills at risk?A security camera at a bank in England has recorded the latest scam used by gangs, mainly from the former Eastern Europe, to steal money from unsuspecting citizens who automatically withdraw cash from ATM.

Customers in England ATM are faced with a new wave of scams where in a few minutes they lose not only the cash they withdraw from the ATMs, but the skilled criminals manage to empty the banks as well. accounts In fact, Barclays has released a video it created based on security camera material to prepare and "suspect" its customers of what might happen to them while withdrawing cash from ATM. By the way, read what concerns you 100%: Before pressing the button on ATM took 300 euros from him! This is what you need to do to avoid getting involved!

ATM risk: How are you being stolen?

While the bank customer is waiting to withdraw money from ATM, an unknown woman is sitting right behind him, watching him as he writes his pin. Then this woman creates distraction, throwing down some money.

The client turns to help her but another man standing next to him ATM takes his credit card and puts in its place a fake one. When the victim returns, he takes the fake card and leaves, leaving his own inside the machine. wants. The scams in front of ATM in the UK have risen 50% in the last year.