Stop it right away: Chicken and 6 other foods you should never heat in the microwave

There is a microwave oven in almost every home, which, although it has "solved" the hands of many, we must be careful.

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In almost every home there is one microwave, which, yes, has "loosened" the hands of many, but we must avoid reheating certain foods and meals.

Microwave Oven: Which foods should not be heated

In particular, the seven foods that should not be reheated:

Boiled eggs

The moisture that develops inside the egg, when placed in the microwave with or without the shell, creates an extreme accumulation of steam, like a tiny pressure cooker, and can explode.

Breast milk

There are many new mothers who put breast milk in the fridge to use afterwards. This is a tactic that does not harm the milk. Microwaves, however, can heat a bottle of breast milk unevenly in the same way that food plates heat up unevenly, creating "hot spots". There is also a risk of releasing toxic substances from the reheating of the plastic bottle.

Processed meats

These often contain preservatives to preserve and extend their life, so that when reheated in the microwave, they undergo chemical changes, such as oxidized cholesterol, which damages the health of blood vessels.



According to the Food Standards Agency, consumption of rice, which has been heated in the microwave, can lead to food poisoning, due to the presence in it of an extremely resistant bacterium, Bacillus cereus.


The most important information you need to know about microwaves is that their heat does not always kill bacteria. Therefore foods that are prone to bacteria, such as chicken in salmonella, increase the risk of disease after eating them.

Green leafy vegetables

Celery, cabbage or spinach, are vegetables rich in nitrates and when heated in the microwave, they are converted to nitrosamines, which, according to studies, can be carcinogenic.

Hot peppers

When hot peppers are reheated in the microwave, their main substance, capsaicin, is released into the air, which can cause breathing problems and burning in the eyes.


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