Nike unveils first δέ application shoes (BINTEO)

nike adapt bb ao2582 001 5 Nike

Nike innovates again as it introduced the first "smart" sneakers, which adapt themselves to the shape of the foot, with a single command given by the mobile phone or with the push of a button on the shoe.

The "Nike Adapt BB" model, which eliminates the need to untie and tie laces, was originally designed for basketball players, but can be used in other sports. The smart shoe will cost $ 350 and will initially be released in the US in February.

The shoe will require charging at intervals while the company has not revealed exactly how the shoe communicates with the phone and receives commands.

According to the company's innovation director, Eric Avar, according to the BBC, "during a basketball game, the athlete's foot changes and the ability to adjust the shoe to the foot changes just as quickly, relaxing to increase blood circulation and then tightening up again for better performance is something we believe will improve an athlete's entire experience. "

Users can personalize the automatic adjustment of the shoe on their foot, through a mobile application (app), which saves in advance the preferences of each user and then activates them in the shoe at the appropriate time. The sensors of the "smart" shoe perceive the intensity that the foot puts in different phases (eg if there is a 'time-out' or on the contrary a fast game in the field) and accordingly relax or tighten the shoe.

Nike intends to use the same technology in its other shoes in the future, but, according to analysts, it remains questionable to what extent consumers will "embrace" it.

With information from BBC / APE-MPE