KidSoccerSchool academy in Rome - National Achnas (Photos)

KidsSoccerSchool academy - National Achnas live unique football experiences these days

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ChildrenSoccerSchool - National Achnas academy located in Rome live unique football experiences these days.

An entire section of children aged U13 is hosted in the "Eternal City" by the Academy TOR TRE TESTE with which there is cooperation for years, reorganizing the Academy at all levels… in terms of philosophy, organization, training units and of course always A WINDOW OPEN for to be able to win the DREAM…

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The program of the five-day presence in the Italian capital includes a visit and a tour of the training center, training by Italian coaches and of course strong friendly games so that they can evaluate their progress.

The mission consists of 23 football players, 5 coaches and 5 parents - escorts who have the opportunity to fill their luggage with football experiences and images from one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world.

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