Cybertruck: This is Tesla… electric double cab (PICTURES)

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You say it's special, you don't say it's beautiful and the fact is that the production model of Tesla's semi-truck has surpassed in terms of appearance and its strangest hypothetical designs that had appeared.

Judging by his official presentation, where he appeared in vehicles that had appeared in well-known science fiction films such as Blade Runner or Back to the Future, space was probably one of the most sought after. Maybe not in such a large dose.

Its most earthy data indicates that it is made of highly high-strength steel, which, as you can see, withstands even a sledgehammer attack. Elon Musk says that he also resists gunshots with a caliber of 9 millimeters and that his crystals are very durable, even though they became a thousand pieces in the show on stage.

However, resistance to harsh use is primarily a double-cab, as is the large payload and towing capacity. So the Cybertruck has a body length of 1,98 meters, can move up to 1.587 kg and drag trailers with a total weight of up to 6.350 kg.

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At the same time it has the ability to supply power to power tools, while another special feature is the existence of "pneumatic suspension", which can increase its distance from the ground up to 41 cm, which provides them with great potential for movement beyond the asphalt. .

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The basic version of Tesla's semi-truck has an electric motor on the rear axle, so it's rear-wheel drive, and beyond that there are two four-wheel drive versions. With two and three engines, for which, as for the battery, the American company does not provide data. What is known is that the top version will complete the 0-60 mph (96 km / h) in less than 2,9 seconds, while the corresponding price for the base is very good for the 6,5 class Monday. The range will range from 400 km of the standard version to 800 of the top.

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The version of the Cybertruck that was presented is the four-door with seats for a total of 6 passengers, while in its minimal interior the touch screen of 17 inches dominates.

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Sales of Tesla's pick up will begin in late 2021 and prices in the US will start at $ 39.900 for the base version and $ 69.900 for the top - as well as the top Ford F 150 that is here. and for decades is the best seller in the United States.

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