Six tips for economical driving in the car

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Fuel consumption has become one of the most important issues for drivers these days.

To achieve a better and lower consumption number one does not need to be an expert, however one should apply specific driving rules.

Some points to check for cheaper driving are the following:

  • The tachometer gives important data. The closer the speed is to the point where the car delivers maximum torque, the less fuel the car consumes.
  • It is important to accelerate smoothly and not with a sharp accelerator. We must reach the point of maximum torque in a smooth manner and gentle pressure on the accelerator pedal.
  • If you are making a long trip, put the cruise control. Consumption will be reduced during the trip because the car maintains a constant speed without fluctuations and because it sprays exactly the amount of fuel required in the combustion chamber.
  • A key point is also the car tires. When the tires have low pressure then the consumption of the vehicle increases. It is a good idea to check your blood pressure every month.
  • Heavy items in the car luggage compartment also increase consumption.
  • It is important to drive defensively and not offensively. When, for example, the traffic light is red at the back of the road, release the accelerator and approach.