The show "Facade" of THOK in Sotira on Wednesday

Competition from Famagusta.News - Win five double invitations to the show

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The "Facade" of Costas Mannouris in Sotira. Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 20:30 at the Municipal Theater of Sotira. See below instructions on how to enter the contest to claim one of the five double invitations to the show.

After the great success of the comedy tour "Facade" in Larnaca, the next stop for the production of the New Stage THOK, which wins the applause and the effortless laughter of the audience, is the Municipal Theater Sotira on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 20: 30.

Your words convey the truth.
What do you want for your daughter, the truth or the lie?

An unexpected invasion by a young unemployed artist into the daily lives of three women, a mother, a daughter and a grandmother, triggers the mother-daughter conflict, which is aggravated by bold revelations. Family balance is shaken, data is overturned and certainties are refuted.

With humor, caustic mood and sharp social outlook, Costas Mannouris manages sensitive issues and challenges of today and Marios Mettis and his collaborators stage the flowing language of the author. A playful comedy about love, infidelity, devotion, forgiveness and acceptance, a story about the power our hearts have to lead us through life - not always wisely, but not always in dead ends, but certainly energetically .

Direction-Motion-Lyrics of the opening song: Marios Mettis
Sets-Costumes: Lydia Mandridou
Music: Konstantinos Limesios
Lighting design: George Koukoumas
Assistant Director: Elena Georgiadou

They play:

  • Lettuce Giallouridou
  • Savvas Menoikou
  • Erika Begeti
  • Olga Potamitou

Performance duration: 70 minutes.

Recommended for people over 15 years.

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Ticket Prices: € 12 / € 6

  • Spectators are kindly requested to arrive at the theater 45 minutes before the start of the performance.
  • There is no possibility of telephone reservation.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory on the part of the spectators upon entering the theater, during their movement in public areas, during the performance, but also when leaving the theater.

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