Six mistakes you make in the hotel and they cost you in euros


One of the most important points when planning a trip is finding the right hotel. Whether it is for business or leisure, to stay happy you need to find the right accommodation for you and your company (if any).

In any case, however, your temporary home away from home is sure to cost you. So as not to exceed your budget, follow the tips below and save as much money as you can from "tricks" in the hotel that can cost you.

Book a room with a non-refundable charge
In this case the room rate is the lowest you can book. However, if your plans change, if you made a mistake in the date or even confused the name of the hotel it will cost you more, because the deposit in case of cancellation is non-refundable. So, prefer the room with the slightly more expensive price to keep your head calm, that in case of cancellation you will not lose your deposit.

You do not compare prices online
You can have your favorite hotel and book directly at it or an offer that just appeared in your email seems the best ever. In neither case do not close the room unless you have previously done a proper internet search. Compare prices from other room booking platforms to make sure you get the lowest possible price.

You pay for parking as soon as you arrive at the hotel
Undoubtedly the best and most economical way to travel on your trip is by means of transportation. If, however, you want to rent your own car prefer to book a place in the hotel car park online, along with booking the room, as prices vary up close. And it is usually upwards. Alternatively, do a search for nearby car parks and compare hotel rates with hotel rates.

Do not book a room with breakfast
For some, the hotel breakfast may not be the best meal. And so they prefer to order something in the room or take it somewhere outside. In both cases the cost goes up a lot, in contrast to the price of breakfast when it is taken into account when booking the room. Also, do not forget that in hotels that serve buffet breakfast the consumption is unlimited and you can get some fruit or snacks on the road.

You continue to pay for wi-fi
In 2019 it is considered almost unacceptable to pay for wi-fi services. Some hotels, in fact, have internet speed upgrade services, in case you can not leave your favorite series. To avoid this charge you can become a member of the hotel (even if you do not stay often) and enjoy some extra services such as free wi-fi, late check out, early check in etc. You can ask at the reception or if you are good at researching you can search for it yourself online.

Do not check extra charges
Some services provided at the hotel are charged extra (spa, taxes, etc.) from the room rate. It is good to know them from the beginning so that you do not find yourself at the check out with a bouillon that you do not know where it came from!