Favorite actors who had a lonely death

They felt the love of the world, they met the warmest applause, but the end of their lives was wrapped in the veil of loneliness

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«Actor means lightSang Dimitris Horn. And many actors, mainly, of the old Greek cinema "Bathed" in the abundant light of movie projectors. But when they closed, for some, loneliness came. Whether by choice or not, the last years of the lives of favorite actors (and what a coincidence, mainly comedians) had an. Smell of loneliness. And somehow death found them alone.

Actors who felt the love of the world, experienced the warmest applause, but had a lonely ending. In fact, some were found dead by their own people days after their deaths.

Let's see, which actors of Greek cinema had a lonely end.

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One of the most beloved comedians, whom the people generously applauded. And he laughed generously and plenty. THE Dionysis Papagiannopoulos, they say that he was a great heartthrob, but never married. He was left alone until the end of his life.

His death in 1984 made headlines in the Greek press and why the great comedian passed away, leaving the theater really poorer, but also because he was lonely. The beloved "Nionios" suffered from heart problems and was found dead by his domestic helper on April 17 (Holy Tuesday) in his apartment. He had died three days before. The photo where Papagiannopoulos was dead, falling on his back on the carpet with his hands open wearing a robe, blue pajamas and dark socks, was published in the press of the time, causing many strong reactions. And it's an image that older fans still remember.

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Unique in its kind, it stood out for its talent from the first moment and very soon it became a permanent collaborator of the biggest troupes of the capital, going on stage with the sacred monsters of the time.

Η Sappho Notara She performed roles in both the classical repertoire and the Greek theater, with her characteristic hoarse voice making her so beloved by the public. Most, however, met her and of course adored her through the cinema. And most of her roles may not have been starring, but she had a unique way of imposing her presence in the films and establishing herself as one of the most important Greek comedians.

The great actress met love in her youth, however, she did not get married and in the course of her life she was left alone. In the last years of her life she had chosen to hang out with only a few people - among them Giannis Tsarouchis.

Sappho Notara died alone and helpless in the apartment she lived in Koumoundourou Square, at number 22, the rent of which was paid by an unknown businessman who admired her. Police found her body two days later, in June 1985. She was sitting in her usual position with a cigarette in her hand.

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The most tragic blow of fate that a parent can experience, "hit" in 1986 the beloved actress, who lost her daughter Eva. The loss was unbearable and Ilya Libykou, unable to manage this blow, abandoned the artistic events and withdrew from the spotlight.

She lived alone in her apartment in Kypseli, while her health was shaken. In 2002 he suffered a severe stroke and on September 6 of the same year he passed away, almost forgotten.

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One of the most classic figures of Greek cinema and one of the famous manades of the big screen. Mary Metaxa connected her film presence as the "mother" of Kostas Voutsas. And the truth is that the favorite actor was for her the child she never had.

After all, the unforgettable actress was the only one who stood by her side, when the serious health problems started that forced her to leave acting. In January 1987, Mary Metaxa was taken to Sismanogleio Hospital, where she passed away on January 10, alone and forgotten by everyone.

At her funeral at the Zografou Cemetery, few people accompanied her to her last home. Among them was the actor Artemis Matsas who at the funeral had said: "You left wrapped in loneliness. "But death in our time requires public relations."

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Is there this infamous "curse of Christ"? And if so, she was a victim of Alexis Golfis, following the fate of so many actors who either did not cross a role again or saw the thread of their lives being cut aron-aron?

The handsome actor was "Manolios-Christos" in the unique and absolutely successful television adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis' masterpiece "Christ is crucified again" in the mid-1970s. He was also very successful, but after the end of the series, he disappeared. magically from the stage!

Everyday life showed him her hard face, as if his own Golgotha ​​had no end. Initially, he loses his mother. Shortly afterwards, he was evicted from his home and then lived as a raccoon in an abandoned house in Patissia, feeding only on the food of the poor in the parish.

His own martyrdom will end one day in August 2007, when he will be found in a bad condition in a ruin of Koliatsou Square. He will die two days later at the Red Cross from an acute myocardial infarction. Golfis, 59, will spend another two months in the morgue until a medical examiner accidentally recognizes him.

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Melancholy beautiful, with a pair of beautiful eyes. One of the most beautiful of the Greek cinema, which also produced a melancholy, but at the same time a sweetness and a warmth. Vicky Vanita, the engineer of Greek cinema, was a woman with many sensibilities and very lonely. She was found dead alone in March 2007.

The beloved actress, the "aunt" in "You are my match", although she lived alone, had valuable friends by her side. To everyone, but even to her mother hid the truth about her illness, until her death.

The actress had lung cancer, but she wanted to keep it a secret and give herself a big battle for old age. She told her family that she had the song. Death found her alone in her apartment in Neos Kosmos. It was March 8, 2007 when he passed away. Her mother found her dead in her home.