7+1 Greek movies to watch before summer ends

Greek cinema takes you to Athens, Thassos, Tinos, Antiparos and brings summer in all its forms to our screens. FamagustaNews recommends 8 Greek films worth seeing

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The Greek summer at the cinema

Greek cinema takes you to Athens, Thassos, Tinos, Antiparos and brings summer in all its forms to our screens. FamagustaNews recommends 8 Greek films that are worth watching and if you have already seen them... watch them again!

Here's a list of movies for all tastes that take place in Summer in Greece, bringing us everything that a Greek's Summer can include.

Afterlove 2016

"I want to have children as a revolution, not as a kavanja"

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Nikos and Sofia. They were together once but broke up. Nikos doesn't know why they broke up and he hasn't gotten over her. Summer decides to look for an adequate explanation and a reason to approach her. So, he takes advantage of a huge house he's taken care of for the summer, to trap Sophia.

The plan verges on obsession: he will supply the house with food and clothes and neither of them will leave until it is "solved" between them.

What happens when an uncontrollable attraction brings people trained to repel, close to people accustomed to running away.

The main character is played by Haris Fragoulis while Iro Bezou interprets the unfortunate woman who ends up locked in a house with her ex.

Stergios Pashou (screenwriter - director) through very apt dialogues... seeks to find the answer to this fundamental question of relationships.

Why do people get divorced?

Romantic drama awarded with an Artistic Achievement Award at the Thessaloniki Festival and a Golden Leopard at the Locarno Festival, directed and written by Stergios Paschos, with Haris Fragoulis and Iro Bezou, 94 minutes long, distributed by StraDa Films.

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Cheap cigarettes

"Life knows and I trust it"

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Nikos and Sofia. Another Nikos and another Sofia (very different from the protagonists of the movie Afterlove and years before) in an empty Athens, met by chance in a telephone booth.

-Let me prove to you that I am not the man of your life

Nikos (Renos Charalambidis) is a thirty-year-old unemployed man who lives alone. He is surrounded by various types of people: the owner of the cafe where he frequents, Telis – a regular patron and talker who theorizes in favor of unbridled sex – his friend, a cynic who urges Telis to hunt for the woman. Manolis is an adventurer, willing to get involved in the most unexpected situations.

Sophia (Anna Maria Papacharalambous), a beautiful young girl full of self-confidence, from the field of fashion.

They wander one night together in the city and break up… He will look for her again.

When the film by Renos Charalambidis was released in 2000, it left the public indifferent. His film did not open for a second week in theaters, while the reviews in the newspapers were mostly bad. Over the years, Cheap Cigarettes gained inexplicable momentum and the film established itself as the ultimate summer movie.

"Cheap Cigarettes" offers a poetic look at both the subject of love and the everyday life of people. A film that, if you love poetry, will definitely never leave your mind.

The music of the film belongs to the composer Panagiotis Kalatzopoulos and is performed by Elli Paspala, the songs My white Jasmine and The tear.

August is not possible without Cheap Cigarettes!

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Let the women wait 1998

"Because people don't forgive those who fall out of love"

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Zouganelis, Boulas, Bakirtzis.

About 20 years ago, Stavros Tsiolis released the film "Let the women wait".

The artisans Panos and Michalis start from the industrial zone of Thessaloniki, full of enthusiasm, for Thassos where their wives are vacationing. Along the way, their chance encounter with a beautiful being and Panos' "expected illness" will lead to the postponement of the trip.

Worried, the third Batzanakis Antonis hurries to receive them. The revelation of new facts and new situations shake their relationships...

A film with delightful dialogues which records the end of Andreas' PASOK. "Let Women Wait" doesn't denounce anyone and doesn't defend anyone. People may "not forgive those who fell out of love", but they can appreciate the most loving satire of Greek cinema.

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Matchbox 2002

"What are you going to do with Linda, Vangelis?"

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One day, in the heat of the day, at the home of a small-to-medium 50-year-old family woman, everyone lashes out at each other with incredible verbal violence about passions, jealousies, and disagreements over business openings. Until an unexpected confession throws everything even higher into the air.

Throughout the film there is a hysterical tone to the situations and the drama that may disturb…

In the film, the borderline human relationships that prevail within four walls are represented.

"The Matchbox" is undoubtedly a punch in the stomach even today when the crisis confirms the tremors in the relationships and psychology of family members.

Spirtokouto is a 2002 Greek drama film, produced and directed by Yiannis Oikonomidis. The script was written by the director and Lenia Spyropoulou. The protagonists are Errikos Litsis and Eleni Kokkidou.

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That summer 1971

"As you look at me"

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Petros and Elena are 2 years apart from each other and on the verge of divorce. Petros, a permanent resident of London, now returns to Athens at the invitation of Elena and with the intention of formalizing the rift between them. Elena has with her their daughter Jenny who accepts her father with hesitation at first. Father-child relations, however, are improving rapidly. But Petros is determined to end the marriage. Then Elena will reveal a big secret to him...

Klearchos Konitsiotis manages to transform a simple idea and a simple scenario into an impressive production for Greek (then) data. The film, "That Summer" was released in 1971 and was distinguished with two awards for the music by Yiannis Spanos and the direction of photography at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

The two actors, Lakis Komninos and Elena Nathanael, lived a great love on screen and liked the world so much as a couple that many expressed the desire to see them together in real life.

But the reality was completely different. In fact, Lakis Komninos revealed that during the shooting of the film there was a professional rivalry between them and their relations were completely formal. When the cameras were rolling, the two actors barely spoke.

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You don't get tanned with too much sunscreen, you get burned with too much exposure...

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Kostis is a lonely 40-year-old who takes on the duties of a rural doctor in Antiparos. After a cold winter, Kostis' everyday life will soon be violently turned upside down, when a frenzied, international group of young and beautiful tourists will unexpectedly invade his previously ordinary life. Among them, Kostis will stand out and fall madly in love with Anna. From that moment on, the hedonistic summer on the island will turn into a dark maelstrom, dragging the unsuspecting group down a path full of shocking surprises and dangerous extremes.

A piercing look at what you could describe as a love obsession, or like the fury of a person sinking to hold on to something, to surface. Makis Papadimitriou embodies the heartbreaking impasses of romantic desire and Elli Tringou, in contrast to his deep, dark interpretation, shines like the midday sun. Both in a disturbingly honest drama that flirts successfully with the thriller.

The film won the award for best fiction film of the Hellenic Film Academy and five other awards (director, screenplay, photography, first male and second female role).

The film does not leave you indifferent, it crushes your heart...as the great cinema should, it burns you!

And because we love music in movies, this one has a lot!

Taxonomies listen up here

Children of the sun listen up here

The Fun Loving Criminal listen up here

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August 2001, XNUMX

"Do you believe in miracles?"

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August in Athens. Escape season. Summer is ending and the characters of the film are looking for a miracle that will change their lives. They are looking to escape to a new beginning. The heat has reached an impenetrable level. Processes dead ends. Desires and dreams everyday, make life seem unbearable. In the center of the city, a three-story apartment building is being emptied by the residents who are preparing to escape for a few days. Three apartments, three parallel stories, three views of everyday life and the "miracles" they all pray for. This August fifteenth...

A middle-class couple who desperately want to have a child. A family with two children faces with stoicism and hidden hope, the terminal illness of the young daughter. A couple looking for new balances in their relationship.

The tenants of the apartment building will walk different paths. Roads that cross the entire Greek territory. Roads that diverge and which in the end will lead the viewer to the same place. In the place of the heart.

But behind these different and divergent stories is the look of a 17-year-old burglar, looting the empty apartments. The darker side of their lives, on our screens.

Konstantinos Giannaris says about his film: "August XNUMXth" is a magical road movie in the hot summer landscape of Greece.

The film was awarded the prize of the Panhellenic Film Critics Association (2001).

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The last lie 1958

"My mom, my mom"

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It is a story that dynamically preserves the drama and realism of that era. An era where districts of souls dream and fight for a piece of bread, fallen lives struggle not to be completely sold out, bankrupt people are immersed in lies and pretenses.

At the center of the action is a wealthy family, which sees its financial foundations creaking, as the father's factory is one step away from bankruptcy. Faced with an impasse, the light-hearted but cynical mother, who only cares about social pretenses, pushes her only daughter Chloe into a marriage of convenience. Tinos comes just where you least expect it as the symbol of atonement.

Tinos stars in "The Last Lie". Kakogiannis disembarks from the ship that arrives loaded with "believers" at the island's port to film the Greek August XNUMXth in a more chilling and neorealistic manner as if it were a documentary about human suffering.

The film took part in many film festivals (Cannes 1958, Melbourne 1959, San Francisco 1959), was characterized by many European critics as a masterpiece and established the director Michalis Kakogiannis internationally, who managed to go to the Cannes Film Festival for the fourth time.

The unforgettable Elli Lambeti, in the lead role, made Cannes critics mention her name next to that of Greta Garbo, while she was nominated for the best foreign actress award at the BAFTA awards of the British Academy.

Music: Manos Hadjidakis

By Andris Florentzou