The actress Chryssa Spilioti and her husband are still missing

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Their house burned down, while their car was also found charred.

Missing after the catastrophic fire in Rafina, is the well-known actress Chryssa Spilioti, as well as her husband Dimitris Tourvanitis.

The photos and the name of the actress and her husband are on the online database where the relatives of the missing can enter to upload photos of their people whose traces have been lost after the tragic fire.

According to information from locals, her house and her boat burned down, while her car was found burned somewhere near Kokkino Limanaki, where the many victims were found.

Photos of 24 missing persons from the affected areas of all ages and genders have already been posted on this website.

Chryssa Spilioti - Dimitris Tournavitis - facebook

In 1997, Chryssa Spilioti made her maiden appearance on television, while she is more involved in theater and book writing.