Annabelle: The true story of the demonized doll

She became famous through the horror movies of the same name and she definitely has more secrets than you knew until today 

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It is a given that at some point in your life you saw thriller and in order to "exorcise" the evil you were saying to yourself "fortunately, these do not happen in reality".

The truth is that they may not happen. Maybe everything you read next is a good business that invests in human fear and nothing more.

What if it is not? If indeed what we all see in cinema can actually happen? If our worst nightmares can they come to life?

There are many stories that cause horror. Most of them have to do with a haunted house (mainly the attic) or a forest that is occupied by ghosts and "it is better not to go there when it gets dark".

But what if these stories have to do with me children's toys; Then surely the whole affair acquires an atmosphere reminiscent of horror movie metrics.

You see, everything that has to do with childlike innocence that comes into the sights of eerie invaders, takes on greater dimensions in the human mind.

One such story is that of Annabelle. Of the demonized doll. Surely fans of the genre will have seen its "adventures" on the big screen.

The thing is that (supposedly) everything we saw there, is about a doll that really existed. That is, it still exists! It is locked in a shop window and outside there is a sign that warns those standing in front of it not to open the window…

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Our story has three protagonists. For those of you who have not seen the films, apart from Annabelle herself, an important role in what has happened is played by Ed and Lorraine Warren. A pair of metaphysical researchers. Ghost hunters, the "unbelieving Thomas" would call them.

Ed and Lorraine were called by various people who thought they were possessed by demons spirits, in order to deal with them and "disable" them. The couple did their research and if there really was "bread" in the case, they undertook to deal with the spirit themselves. In 1970 they were faced with such a case.

A mother received a gift from her daughter, a canvas doll, which was collectible because it was created at the beginning of the century. The daughter, Donna, was studying nursing but she liked the doll as a gift and kept it for decoration. Donna lived in a house with a classmate, Angie. The two girls placed the doll in a specific part of the house. They left for their lessons and when they returned they found her somewhere else.

At first the doll's movements were small. As time went on, however, they became bigger and more intense. Sometimes they would turn around and find the doll standing.

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On the left the να cinematic Annabelle and on the right the real one

Everything, however, began to change dramatically about a month after the doll's first move. The two girlfriends returned home at some point and found a note that read: "Help us, help Lou"! The graphic character was reminiscent of a young child but the scary thing was that Donna and Angie did not have this kind of paper in their house which means that at best someone had entered their house while they were away!

When, at some point, the two friends saw drops of blood on the doll's face, they decided that they had to go to a specialist. They called one psychic, so he told them that it is most likely that the doll has been possessed by the spirit of 7-year-old Annabel Higgins.

The girl's body was found on the plot where years later the apartment building where the two friends lived was built. Apparently the spirit remained there even after the apartment building was built and… with the many at some point it ended up inside Donna's doll. The psychic told them that the spirit is not bad and that the little girl just did not go into the world of the dead and wanted companionship and love. For some (beyond) incomprehensible reason the two girls were moved and held the doll.

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This, however, turned out to be a big mistake as from that point on the doll did not turn out to be such a good kid and started to become aggressive. One night when a friend of the girls slept in the house, something happened that scared them and they decided that the doll should leave. Their friend woke up and it was full of scratches, abrasions and burns!

Donna thought that the doll was not possessed by a ghost but by a demon, so she turned to two priests who advised her to contact Ed and Lorraine Warren. The two metaphysical researchers found that the doll had indeed been possessed by a demonic spirit and took it with them, while the two priests also made a exorcismOr for good and for bad. From that day on, Annabelle is housed in a glass case at the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut.

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The fact that the doll was moved to a "safe" place does not mean that it stopped doing its own thing.

It is said that a few decades ago one of the museum visitors did not want to comply with the instructions and tried to open the window of Annabelle. When he did not succeed, he started knocking on the glass. The people in charge removed him. On the way home he was killed in a horrific car accident. He had developed great speed, lost control and was nailed to a tree.

At one point a priest managed to pull the doll out of its box, threw it on the floor and shouted that God always beats him Satan. Museum officials expelled him and he returned by road to his church. He had a bad car accident on the road but he managed to survive. When he met, he said that suddenly the brakes of the car he was driving did not catch and that the last image he had was Annabelle in the car mirror.

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Lorraine Warren in an earlier interview had said that demonic spirit that exists inside the doll tries to find a human body to enter and that those who are most at risk are the weak characters.

When the Warrens died, the management of the museum (now closed to the public) passed to their son-in-law. At one point, a gentleman appeared at the museum and asked him to buy the doll for $ 1 million. Warren's fiancé denied that it was extremely dangerous to find Annabelle in the outside world…