Greek beaches all color and shine

Beaches dipped in dreamy shades

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The Greek coastline hides beach diamonds with the scoop, having in abundance whatever one is looking for in terms of relaxation, leisure or awe.

In this diverse environment one will meet and beaches dipped in paint.

Sometimes eerie and sometimes fairytale, they display their incredible tones and steal the looks and the hearts.

So let's go for a summer trip on the coasts of our country that have covered this dream…

The red of Santorini

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Η Santorini is a whole natural attraction, a creation of rich volcanic activity that has created landscapes of incomparable beauty. And in one, where land and sea meet, one will find the famous Red Beach. As if you landed on the planet Mars, no doubt!

Part "extraterrestrial", eerie, with dark blue waters complimenting the crimson volcanic rocks. The gaze is captured here and never escapes. The feet are pressed with a small reddish pebble and everything is clear that they were made with mastery and passion.

The world famous Kokkini Paralia is located very close to the archeological site of Akrotiri. A frame from the Red Planet is, with the red color dominating, in imposing rocks that look like cut with a knife.

Even people seem out of place here, in this strange volcanic palette that will hardly leave you unmoved…

The orange of Kefalonia

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Leaving the legendary Myrtos on his throne, the Kefalonia It also has one of the most unique beaches of our place: the mysterious Xi with the orange sand and the enigmatic name.

They probably say it because the bay that hosts the beach looks like the letter of the Greek alphabet when you see it from above. Not far from Lixouri, the traveler will find the beach with perhaps the most special color of sand, as it runs through the whole range from orange to deep tile, depending on the time of day and the whims of light.

Even crimson you will swear that you saw it happen at some point, near the sunset. The unexpected landscape is a generous donation of clay that is in abundance here, giving a fairytale color that enchants you from the first meeting.

Xi is windless and shallow, offering hours of swimming. If you manage to detach yourself naturally from the orange feast of sand…

The black of Chios

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At a time when Santorini is famous for a series of beaches that are dominated by black sand or pebbles (such as Perissa, Kamari and Vlychada), the blackest you will ever find on a beach can be found at Chios. In the southern part of the island, at a distance of a few kilometers from Pyrgi, the Black Volia are waiting for you to make you their own at first sight.

Mavra Volia is called so that no more descriptions are needed. Its round, shiny, black pebbles, created after the eruption of the volcano Psaronas, is why it is so wild and fascinating.

Essentially three beaches make up Mavra Volia (or Mavros Gialos), next to each other, three successive coves with dark waters and steep high mountains to stand arrogantly and imposingly on the back of the bather.

Crystal clear, deep and icy waters in the sea and a dark landscape as soon as you get out of it. How much fuller to leave magical images?

The pink of Chania

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Paradise on earth in Greece has a name and it is called Elafonissi, where pink goes with white and emerald. You will find the famous beach in the four corners of the globe in every important tourist guide with the best pink beaches in the world. Or the best beaches in the world, regardless of color!

Elafonissi, in the southwest of the prefecture of Chania, is dreamy and heavenly. In many parts of the endless sandy beach, where the wave breaks, you will notice this intoxicating pink shade of sand. Looking better, you will also see these small shells, which give the impressive shade.

The pink beach with the special natural beauty, the lagoon that is created and the deep blue deep waters take your breath away. It is hard to believe that there is such a place without having seen it. Photoshop will rush to say what the accompanying photos are. And yet…

The dazzling white of Milos

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White beaches can be found in our place and many and sufficiently exotic. However, if you are looking for that white that you can not see for a long time without tears in your eyes, you are looking for Sarakiniko.

Its most popular "lunar" beach Apple with all-white rocks and crystal clear waters, a magical spot in every way. Here is the white of the volcanic rocks starring, playing complacently with the blue of the waters.

In the northeast of Milos, just outside the country, the old base of the Saracen pirates, with Sifnos and Kimolos "dish", creates that kind of emotion that only natural magic knows how to give. The caves that open on the rocks eaten by the waves are white, sometimes penetrating to the sea.

This white crescendo looks like from another planet, an exuberant gift you will never forget…

The green of Rethymnon

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It is a fact that the Cretan south has a lot of emotions in store for the visitor, as the beaches acquire a clear tropical aura here. Among them is his queen Rethymnon, Preveli, which drives you crazy with the special experiences it offers.

Because if you turn your back on the clear blue waters and the golden sand, you will automatically be transported to a feast of green, a scene that seems to have escaped from the jungle.

Preveli means river, gorge and palm forest, a chord of green that makes you forget that you are on a beach. The beach is formed you can see in the delta of the river Kourtaliotis, at the exit of the gorge, where there is a small lagoon. Yes, also green.

You dive into the river and are transported to dreamy places, among palm trees, wicker, locusts, reeds and oleanders. That is why the beach of Preveli is equally known as the lake of Preveli (or even Finikas).

Undoubtedly a different experience, this palm grove in the dazzling green will make even the exotic beach look ordinary.

The turquoise of Chania

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In Greece you will find many beaches that are proud of their turquoise waters. Rightly or wrongly. But there is one where the color comes and grabs you by the face! For Seitan Ports next to Chania the reason, they have nothing satanic.

The Turks called them "Devil's harbor" because of their dangerous currents. They probably did not notice well the paradise of the thing, these narrow turquoise strips of water that rush to the narrow beach, following the coves by foot.

Stefanos beach, as it is called, is surrounded by three parallel and narrow coves that are a caress for the eyes. All with this intoxicating turquoise, in a wild landscape with steep cliffs and unspoiled beauty.

It is a completely idiosyncratic paradise, sometimes with gravel and sometimes with sand, depending on what the damars of the area will descend from the gorge. You will swear that you will return here one day, you have never seen such a shade of blue…

The colorful of Patmos

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Beaches with solid color tones or maybe beaches with all the colors of the iris? If you choose the latter, then you are looking for the Lamp of Patmos, where the colorful pebbles compose shimmering works of art on the beach.

As one of its most famous beach diamonds Patmos, you find Lampi in the northeast of the island and you understand it because it radiates under the summer sun. That's why they called her Lampi, after all, because she shines in the light.

If you manage to take your eyes off the pebbles, you will notice that the rocks are just as colorful with the playful formations on the right side of the shore. Crystal clear waters and tamarisk trees for natural shade complete the riveting setting.

But here you come and go again for the colorful feast, for these rare pebbles with the strange natural formations and the incredible colors. But everyone wanted some in their house and the natural beauty of Lampi was in danger of being lost at some point…