Impressive beaches next to Greece

The European South hides diamonds that have nothing to envy the… Bahamas

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If you ask someone where you will find the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the most likely answer is Greece.

The Italians of course say that theirs are the best, the Croats advertise the Dalmatian coast and so on.

And the truth is that the beautiful beaches of the neighborhood are not exhausted in our country, alas.

Even greater truth is the fact that the most beautiful beaches are the ones you find yourself, when you follow the path the least walked.

So at a time when we all look sideways at the tropical paradises of the planet, as a hidden dream of life, there are exquisite beaches next to us that you do not need to reach the other side of the world to find them.

The south Europe It is, after all, a blessed place, which is undoubtedly true when we talk about its coastline. It's enough to know where to look…

Zlatni Rat - Brach

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Here we do not have a hidden European paradise, but one of the most beautiful beaches on the continent! "Golden Horn", "Golden Cape" and such descriptions are usually given to the pearl of the Dalmatian coast, the great pride of the Croats.

It is located on the south coast of the island Brach and you will find it in every guide to the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. It remains the most recognizable beach in the country with its characteristic shape, the white pebbles and the pines.

You will not always see it like this, as both its length and shape change every 2-3 years, due to the tide, currents and wind.

Atrani - Italy

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The picturesque village is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about the famous Amalfi Coast. Campania is full of beautiful places, such as the cosmopolitan Positano, who steal all the glory. Only the untouched fishing village has a beach made of postcards.

As one of Italy's secret diamonds, the tiny Atrani offers leisure on its tiny beach, under the colorful and amphitheatrically built buildings that dominate the beach. Time stops somewhere here and the first reason is taken by the relaxation and authenticity, the big guns in the Atrani quiver.

Villefranche sur Mer - Provence

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The French Riviera does not need recommendations. Its beaches Cανte d'Azur They are cosmopolitan and beautiful, but they are extremely busy. And very expensive. That is why this is a hidden gem of the region, as it is public, so you can enjoy the beauties of the Riviera for free.

You will find it next to Nice and it is even divided into two parts. To the right of the pier is the largest, the Plage des Marinieres, and on the other side opens the Plage de la Darse. One has golden sand and tables on the sea and the other small pebbles. Both are exquisite and much less known than the beasts of the area…

Sinemorets Veleka - Bulgaria

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We are transported to its Bulgarian shores Black Sea, in the southeastern part of the country, near the border with Turkey, to see a hidden pearl of the neighborhood. So where the river Veleka flows, next to the picturesque settlement Sinemorets, you will find this beach that everyone prefers.

A well-known family destination until recently, it is now the young people from Sofia who properly honor it, as it offers natural beauty and carefree. But also nudism in a part of…

Cala Coticcio - Caprera, Sardinia

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The locals of Sardinia will tell you that here are hidden the most beautiful beaches in Europe. And the truth is that the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) has so much white sand that it is dazzling. The island is full of beautiful beaches, but the real diamond is on the pristine island of Caprera, which has one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

For Cala Coticcio the reason, a beach planetarium with color that can only be compared with Seitan Ports of Chania! "Tahiti of Sardinia" is typically called by the locals and they have a good reason for it, being the brilliant star of the Mandalena archipelago, as they say the sea area between Sardinia and Corsica.

Its access from the land is quite difficult, but it rewards you at first sight.

Palombaggia - Corsica

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Another Mediterranean wonder of tropical aesthetics will be found by the traveler in Corsica, where the best elements of French and Italian coexist. The Corsicans they have their own way of keeping their island away from mass tourism, diligently hiding their natural ornaments.

And one such is Palombaggia beach, which will remind you Elafonissi with its pink sand. It is just as close to Rondinara, which tourists consider the most beautiful beach in Corsica, although the locals insist that this 3 km beach with the turquoise shallow waters is the reason to be proud of their island…

Maslinica - Salt

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Solta Island is hidden from public view. It is next to the ferry from Split, Croatia, and yet everyone prefers the heavy artillery of the Dalmatian coast, the Hvar or the Brats. And so it remains authentic and untouched, as if time has not passed over it.

At its western end you will find the fishing village of Maslinica, with its small marina and this beautiful pebble beach at the mouth of the port. There is room for a cafe and a shop where you rent kayaks and everything. And a few bathers, to enjoy their swim and the enchanting sunset, the big trump card of the beach.

Saplunara - Mliet

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Η Adriatic hides innumerable natural treasures that one has the appetite and time to explore a life. So we are transported to one of the greenest islands in the sea, which also has one of the rarest features of Dalmatia: sandy beach! Saplunara is the jewel of the island, perhaps the last hidden diamond of the Adriatic.

Where all the other pine-covered and white beaches of southern Europe have been conquered by hordes of tourists, Saplunara looks pristine and unexplored. It is located at the eastern end of the island and its beauty overflows, a kilometer of heavenly magic, seclusion and very hot waters.

Jaz - Montenegro

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That's it Montenegro is constantly gaining ground in European tourism, bringing a fairytale aura to the Adriatic. And if the island fortress of Aman Sveti Stefan continues to steal the show of the so-called Budva Riviera, the real jewel of the coast is the Jaz beach with its beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear turquoise waters.

And you can tell by the huge yachts of the Russian oligarchy that are crowded here, despite the fact that everything else remains at affordable levels. Here the heart beats loudly not only of domestic tourism, but also of international, as everyone wants to see and enjoy the intoxicating coast up close…

Scopello - Sicily

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Once again an island that boasts its beaches, the truth is that natural wealth was generously donated to Sicily. The traveler has at his disposal crystal clear waters, various coastal environments and everything he wants in terms of beach. And among them there is the special Scopello, a beautiful small resort just outside Trapani, at the western end of the island.

The sea here is magical and the landscape even more beautiful. Huge rocks emerge from the water, at the same time that the beach offers a special spectacle: the ruins of a traditional tuna processing plant! It is part of the beach and an integral part of its charm, something that comes to us from the 13th century, revived in the 18th and finally closed only in 1981.