Lifeguards until September on the beaches

See the staffing hours of the beaches until September

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The Ministry of the Interior, as part of the implementation of the National Beach Safety Plan "SALAMIS" by the local District Administrations, informs the public about the beaches of free Cyprus where lifeguard coverage is offered, with the aim of safety of bathers.

The staffing hours of the beaches with lifeguards during the months July, August and September 2023 is on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, see here.

The Ministry also urges bathers, for their own safety and protection, to be regularly informed about the beach staffing program, as well as any changes to it.

The public is further reminded to follow the basic instructions/hints of the lifeguards such as, among others:

  • remains within the bathing areas, as defined by the red buoys along the beach,
  • pays special attention to the continuous and close supervision of children,
  • avoids swimming under the influence of alcohol, drugs or substances that affect the reaction to risks or dangerous situations,
  • is aware of his swimming abilities,
  • is informed about the weather conditions and any currents in the area.

For more information on the "Safety Rules for Bathers", please visit the website of the Cyprus Lifesaving Federation