The life of the poor immigrant who would become the mother of Donald Trump

The Scottish racketeer and the American dream that the son seeks to live no foreigner in the US

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Mary Anne MacLeod Trump is called and has a special story to share, even if some would not like to be heard.

That is, how she managed to transform from a working class Scotswoman to a secular lady New York. And to give birth to the 45th president of the USA.

A life she certainly could not have imagined when she lived in the slums of Scotland, before snatching the American dream from her hair and giving her son those opportunities that she was so deprived of in her own life.

That is, the life of the immigrant, who is uprooted for a better tomorrow. This tomorrow that Donald Trump stubbornly refuses to allow those looking for a second chance at themselves and their children.

A fact that his mother knew well, who grew up in huge financial difficulties on a secluded island on the other side Atlantic.

Which he never forgot, despite the fact that he eventually lived in wealth…

The beginning of Mary Anne

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Before arriving in the New World in 1930, at the age of 18, with no major supplies for vocational rehabilitation, Mary Anne MacLeod had lived a life of deprivation.

Maybe that's why, despite her status as a secular lady in Manhattan, she was never interested in greatness and personal prominence.

She was always a woman who loved her fellow man and did a lot of charity, even donating her personal time as a volunteer in hospitals. Even when it was no longer needed.

Mary Anne was born in May 1912, just a few weeks after his tragedy "Titanic». Her father was a fisherman and her mother a housewife on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, a cluster of islands off the west coast of Scotland.

Besides, he could not do anything else, as he was raising 10 children. Mary Anne was her sternum child. Historians of the time speak of the "indescribable misery" of the small community of fishermen.

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Mary Anne grew up in this humble little house, watching him World War I. to further financially affect the already poor working class society. And so from an early age he began to dream of a better life.

So in 1930, when she turned 18, she decided to emigrate to the New World, also pursuing the American dream. She has been written on the ship's papers as a "cleaner or housewife".

Despite the fact that the US was experiencing a stock market crash and its market was in bad shape, it was determined to leave the sacrifice at all costs. Scotland, looking for a better future in the land of opportunity.

She also had a sister who lived in Astoria, Queens, New York, as she told the immigration service upon her arrival, and would work hard as a "domestic helper," according to relevant documents at the time.

She had $ 50 in her pocket, but she had her older sister, who lived a relatively dignified life in her new homeland….

Donald's mother and the new beginning

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Long before giving birth to the man who would become president of the country she saw as a way out of her poverty drama, Mary Anne soon found work as a nanny in a wealthy Manhattan family.

But when she believed that everything would change, she lost her job, like countless others, in what would have been the culmination of the Great Depression of the 1930s. She was forced to return to Scotland for a time in 1934, but was determined not to. stay in her hometown.

Sometime in the mid-1930s, he met Frederick Trump at a party, and everyone called him "Fred." He was young and fair businessman, the man who would get her out of misery.

Trump was sharp-witted, had built a construction company with his mom before he even finished school, and now builds and sells small houses in Queens for a very low price.

The two of them immediately felt the attraction for each other. Characteristic here is that on her next trip to Scotland, Mary Anne confessed to her parents that she met her future husband.

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The couple married in January 1936 in a Presbyterian church in Manhattan, hosting a reception for 25 people at a nearby hotel. These were things that Mary Anne could not have imagined a few years earlier.

The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in the US and settled in a Queens suburb to start their family. Maryanne Trump was born in 1937 and Fred Jr. The following year.

By 1940, the poor Scot was a well-to-do bourgeois housewife, even having her own maid. A girl from Scotland, of course. The husband now made $ 5.000 a year, over 70.000 euros at current prices.

In 1942, Trump's third child, Elizabeth, was born Donald was born 4 years later. The birth of Robert's fifth child in 1948 almost took her life.

How her life changed

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Despite the difficult birth, complications and multiple surgeries, Mary Anne survived and saw her life and family flourish like never before. Her husband became rich with his real estate-construction after the Second World War, building more than 27.000 apartments in New York.

The migrant who once entered the oceans without fate in the sun was now boarding luxury cruise ships and planes to Bahamas, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

As the wife of a self-made American croissant, she was automatically a member of New York's good society, proving that the American dream was a reality. For some lucky ones, at least.

However, she did not spend her time only at receptions and private clubs. She dedicated herself from the very first moment that she became rich in charitable activities, giving not only her obol, but also her personal time.

While Mary Anne supported financially and voluntarily people who had suffered from cerebral palsy or were suffering from mental illness, her son had other goals to pursue in life…

Donald's relationship with his mother

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"Looking back, I now realize that I owe part of my ability to show off to my mother," Trump wrote in his book The Art of the Deal (1987). "She was always a traditional housewife, but she had a sense of the world outside of her."

Sandy McIntosh, who studied at the New York Military Academy with the young Donald, remembers talking only about his father: "He talked a lot about his father, how he was told to become a 'king', to become a '' murderer '' ''. He never told me what his mother's advice was. He never said anything about her. Not even a word".

Donald Trump has spoken publicly about his mother on rare occasions. When he does, however, he speaks in the best words.

And it's not just that he has named a room of the most expensive resort in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, in her honor, is mainly because she has revealed that her issues with women stem mainly from the fact that "I always compare them" to her.

"Part of the problem I have with women is that I always have to compare them to my wonderful mother," she wrote in The Art of the Comeback (1997). "My mother is devilishly clever."

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Mary Anne was indeed a woman he met America as rich cosmopolitan, with elaborate hairstyles, expensive jewelry and furs. Only below that remained a simple woman who wanted to do good around her. That is why she never stopped her charitable activity.

And despite the fact that she passed away in 2000, before boasting about her son, the president of the country who gave her a chance for a better life, she managed to see him grow up. Donald was a real star of the US business world in the 90s.

We also know that at the beginning of the decade, when he divorced his first wife Ivana and made public his relationship with model Marla Maples, who would eventually become his second wife, Mary Anne once asked her soon-to-be ex-fiancé the following question: "What son have I created?"

Mary Anne has spent her last years hit hard osteoporosis and passed away at the age of 88, a year after her husband.

She was buried in the Trump family grave in New York, next to the man, her in-laws, and her son Fred Jr., who died in 1981 from complications related to his alcoholism.

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As "Politico" magazine observed in a relevant article in 2017, more than 1/3 of the people living in the cemetery neighborhood were born in countries outside America. And despite the fact that she became rich and famous in secular circles, Donald's mother never seems to have forgotten where she came from.

She often visited Scotland and even spoke her mother tongue, as English was the second language of the inhabitants on that island corner.

Trump's relationship with Scotland was golf course which he built there in the late 2000s, but also his conflict with the political establishment of the locals who opposed his development plans.

And of course from 2016 onwards, already from his election campaign, his racist, divisive and anti-immigrant speech sharpened the spirits even more.

In fact, when he proposed a ban on entry to America to residents of the majority of Muslim states, the Scottish government was shocked.

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In response, the Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sterzon, revoked Trump's status as "World Scotsman", an honorary title that serves as the country's business ambassador to the international financial scene.

But Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University also took back the honorary title it had given him, as Trump's statements were "completely incompatible with the ethos and values ​​of the university."

It is certain that Trump grew up with his mom's stories, stories of poverty, uprooting and struggle for survival. How he adopted such anti-immigrant rhetoric, obviously only he knows…