GREECE: 37-year-old Kalliopi left High School, had three children and returned as a flag bearer!

"When you want something, you aim for it and you do not stop anywhere"

25i martioy i 37chroni kalliopi teleiose to gymnasio ekane tria paidia kai epestrepse simaioforos 2 THE 25TH OF MARCH, 37 years old, MOTHER, SIGNMAN

Η Kalliopi Psyrouki is an example of strength and will that although she gave birth to three children at a young age, she managed to return to school and be standard bearer.

The presence today, among others, in the parade for the national anniversary of March 25 of 37-year-old Kalliopi Psyrouki in the place of the flag bearer of her school, the Evening Vocational High School of Mytilene.

Despite the problems she faced, the divorced mother with three children, as she had previously reported her "caretaker" for sexual harassment. She herself, with determination, managed to read and at the same time dedicate herself to the upbringing of her children.

37Mother mother

Specifically with 19,8, Kalliopi Psyrouki is an excellent student of the C Lyceum of her school and returned to school 2,5 years ago while she continued to raise her three children alone. In fact, next to her, in the B Lyceum, her eldest daughter, also excellent and attendant!

The 37-year-old's children were proud of their mother

Η Kalliopi Psyrouki She grew up in Agiassos and after the XNUMXrd High School, she left her school, got married and devoted herself to her children. "I worked in the olive groves, in construction, for five months of cleaning, in insulation, oil painting, I burned branches from pruning, I cleaned the estates with daily wages," she declares to

37-year-old Kalliopi March 25th

Her son Alexandros is 17 years old and her young daughter Evmorfia is 4,5 years old. "I wanted school. Especially when the kids started growing up, I like letters and I like math. I wanted to know that I can get out of high school and go to work with my sword. I liked going back to school, my teachers told me I had to become a teacher. In most I had 20s, but in math I felt like I had a star.

I was asked to give Panhellenic, but it is difficult, I can not. When you want something, you set it as a goal and you do not stop anywhere. "All three of my children were proud today, and that is enough for me," she tells us excitedly.

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