Their mother killed them: The 40-year-old killed her 3 children and her husband forgave her

New Zealand: A mother killed her three daughters, with society shocked by the crime, while her husband forgave her.

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A 40Mother mother by New Zealand she killed her three daughters, with the local community shocked by the crime, while her husband forgave her.

Specifically, the show "Eleni" reported today through a report on the family tragedy. According to information, the husband, returning to his house, found them on the floor his three daughters dead and a little further in the yard of the house his 40-year-old wife in a state of shock.

The same day the woman was taken to a psychiatric clinic, while she was taken into custody categories for death of the three girls aged 6 and 2 years twins.

New Zealand: Why the father of three girls forgave the 40-year-old mother for the crime

The 40-year-old was a woman of low tones, friends and relatives report, with her having even tried hard to have her children.

The herself Lauren in fact last May she had publicly declared her love for social media for her husband and children writing about the 15th anniversary of their marriage "we really created a beautiful family and spent many good moments together, may the coming years be more blessed, happier and the children let us sleep one day" .

Last August the couple moved to New Zealand as they had been living in New Zealand for years. Pretoria in Africa where he both worked at the city hospital. The mother, according to the report, was looking for information on the internet about mental illness and depression.

One week after murder of girls, in the vigil organized by friends and neighbors in New Zealand, the father read the letter he wrote and in which he essentially forgives his wife and the murder of their children and mentions, among other things:

"The three angels are no longer with us, I will carry this loss for the rest of my life, please pray for Lauren as I sincerely believe that she is also a victim of tragedy, I have already forgiven her and I urge you to do the same. "Do not forget to let your children play and laugh as much as they can."

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