Tiny islands and rocky islets a beach on the waters of the Aegean and Ionian

Secret destinations away from mass tourism

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Tiny earthly paradises, a breath away from popular and busy, summer destinations, are really sanctuaries for those who want to enjoy their summer longboats away from busy and noisy, well-publicized Greek beaches.

Small dots of land in the waters of the Aegean and the Ionian, with crystal blue-green water "hugs" and dreamy beaches -there are many times when the feeling is created that you are not in Greece but in a distant, exotic destination- that offer countless moments of relaxation and summer enjoyment to those who prefer them, as opposed to well-organized and more "trivial" options.

Diaporos - Halkidiki

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In her second "leg" Chalkidiki, and more specifically opposite Vourvourou in Sithonia, a secret paradise awaits the modern Robinsons to discover it.

The reason for the small island of Diaporos, with its turquoise, clear waters and the dreamy, green landscape around it to transport to exotic places. A large bay about 700 meters long, which is located in just 3,2 square kilometers of the island, is the main attraction of its visitors. Throughout the island, however, there are shallow beaches that almost always remain warm.

Among the things worth mentioning about Diaporos is the fact that the settlement found here dates back to the early Bronze Age, as well as the fact that rich green vegetation covers almost the entire island.

To reach the island you must have a private boat or take part in one of the organized tours organized by Halkidiki.

Chrysi - Crete

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The earthly paradise could look like the islet of Chrysi, which is located 8 nautical miles from the southern part of Ierapetra. Endless golden sand and clear crystal clear, turquoise waters compose the natural scenery of this small remote island on the edge of Greece.

Also known as Gaidouronisi, Chrysi is part of its 81 uninhabited small islands Crete and is part of the "Natura 2000" program. This is an area of ​​intense natural beauty, as here is the largest natural forest of Lebanese cedar in Europe. Most of them, in fact, reach a height of seven meters, while their "age" exceeds 200 years.

Boats depart from the port of Ierapetra for Chrysi, with the journey taking about an hour. The itineraries usually run from May to October.

Mosquito - Astypalea

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Off the charming island of Dodecanese, there is a surprise for its visitors Astypalea. The small island of Kounoupa, which is accessible only by sea, and is a small earthly paradise in the waters of the Aegean.

The blue-green water embrace with the clear, crystal clear waters that look like fakes, function like other sirens for the lovers of the pristine landscapes, still untouched by the mass tourism.

A magnificent landscape with two beaches formed by a narrow strip of land between the two sides of the islet, is the "exotic setting" of Astypalea. To be here one must have a private boat or take one of the itineraries that depart daily (weather permitting) from Pera Gialos.

Lichadonissia - Evia

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The Greek "Seychelles", as most of those who have visited them call them, are located at the point where the Northern Evia meets the Gulf of Malia, just opposite its Lichada. Evia and Kamena Vourla in Fthiotida.

Their creation - the Lichadonissia consists of seven islands and even fewer smaller islets - is due to volcanic activity, with their wild side reflected in every part of the bizarre beauty, which fits perfectly with the rugged nature of the general landscape around them.

According to legend, their name is inspired by Lichas, the man who gave Hercules the poisoned tunic of Dianeira. Hercules considered Lichas responsible for the tunic and thus threw him into the waters of the Gulf of Evia, with his pieces and blood forming the Lichas. A large part of them, however, sank in the earthquake of 426 BC.

The largest of the islands is Monolia, which is found at the northernmost point of the complex, followed by the Great Round. To visit their beaches you will take either the boat that departs from Kammena Vourla or the one that leaves from Kavos, in Lichada.

Vido - Corfu

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Opposite its Old Town Corfu, at a distance of only 1.200 meters, is a tiny and green island, which during the summer is an ideal choice for refreshing longboats. A small natural paradise and oasis of coolness, both for the locals and for the visitors of the island of Faiaka, which ideally combines the majesty of nature with that of the sea, a stone's throw from the city.

Apart from the longboats on the organized beach, the island has a refreshment room and a restaurant, while there are many who discover its natural beauty through its specially designed paths.

The island of Vido was also known as Ptychia, Agios Stefanos and Island of Peace, with the name that has prevailed until today being a paraphrase of the name of the owner of Guido Malipieri, a nobleman to whom he had passed ownership in the Middle Ages.

Vido is approached from the old port of Corfu with regular itineraries.

Agios Nikolaos - Lefkada

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Although the islet of Agios Nikolaos at the entrance of Lefkada is open to the public only on the day of its celebration on May 17, the most daring can approach it by swimming from the large beach Diavasidia, just before the entrance to Lefkada.

The island is essentially a tiny piece of land in the Ionian waters, and is the first thing you see when you reach Lefkada. Its name is due to the homonymous church that is located in it ready to "kiss" the beautiful lagoon in front of it.

Shallow, turquoise, waters compose a heavenly landscape that was loved by Angelos Sikelianos and his first wife Eva Palmer, deciding to live here the first years of their married life with their son Glafkos. In fact, there are many who claim that this place was a source of inspiration for some of his most important poetry collections.

Idrousa - Attica

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Even the Attica has its own tiny, exotic paradise, located just a stone's throw from its southern shores and just opposite Asteras Vouliagmenis. Idrousa, with an area of ​​just 57 acres, is a favorite destination of boats and those who have the opportunity to reach it by sea by private boat, inflatable or jet ski.

This exotic corner with the dreamy waters that are suitable for summer longboats, has two beaches that reach a total length of 100 meters, which turn into a paradise on earth for bathers who visit it. Everyday is an ideal choice to visit Idrousa, as there are obviously fewer people.