Doodle Google: What we need to know about the pandemic and how to overcome it

Dedicated to the pandemic, which has upset life around the world for the past almost a year and a half, is today's Google Doodle.

google doodle Covid-19, GOOGLE DOODLE, Coronavirus, world, pandemic

Google lists all the weapons we have against the invisible enemy: distances, masks and, most importantly, the vaccine, which according to the World Health Organization saves lives and is the only way to eradicate the pandemic.

In addition, it lists all the latest information on the course of the disease while providing information on the course vaccination of every country.

Clicking on his image Google Doodle, the user can find information for vaccinations near it, but also instructions for the correct use of the mask, the correct hand washing and the observance of distances, so that there is no further spread of the coronavirus.

The doodles are created by Google to celebrate events, anniversaries and birthdays of artists, scientists, musicians and other celebrities.

The team of engineers and designers doodle Google (known as doodlers) is always looking for new and interesting ideas.

The first doodle was created in 1998, when the founders of Google Lari Page and Sergey Brin, in order to inform the users that they will be missing (they wanted to go to a festival in the Nevada desert), they placed the drawing of a figure on a bar behind the second "o" of the company logo, thus informing the users that they are out of the office.

I have liked the idea ever since was established and enriched.