Chara Pappas and Spyroula Kaiser set fire to the stage with their dance (Video)

Dancing with the Stars was very hot!

kaizer papa Dancing with the stars, GNTM, Σπυρούλα Καιζερ, χαρά παππά

The guests of the eighth live of Dancing with the Stars were Hara Pappa and Spyroula Kaiser. The two girls who stood out from the GNTM were on the floor of the dance show and danced a fiery chat with Yuri and Argyris.

Hara Pappa and Spyroula Kaiser put "Fire" in the ballroom of the 8th live of "Dancing With The Stars".

Elena Lizardou described them as "fiery" and the other members of the jury agreed on that. The night hid other surprises since the audience was Anna Maria, Olga and Demosthenes, from the previous cycles of GNTM.