Angelos Bratis became really unrecognizable [image]

He has often managed to impress with his ... transformations

aggdid GNTM, Brandis

The well-known fashion designer Angelos Bratis, from the moment he started appearing on the GNTM TV show, has often managed to impress with his. Transformations, but now he has become really recognizable.

The 41-year-old designer, after initially managing to lose more than 10 kilos and show άνθρωπος another man, in the process left a beard and looked unrecognizable again and now that he shaved them we were scared to recognize him.

He posted a pose on Instagram, where we see him with a shaved face and he just wrote the words "new look" and the comments about how recognizable and much younger he looks are raining!

Source: sigmalive