Millionaires and after death…


Although Michael Jackson has been dead for eight years, he still makes millions of dollars.

According to "Forbes", which is used to highlight the most profitable personalities, it seems that Michael Jackson continues to hold the first place. It is not the first time, for the fifth consecutive year, that he is first on the list of the most profitable celebrities who have died with 75 million dollars.

In fact, his profits increased this year, after the release of the new album with the Greatest Hits of the singer from the show Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and from his share in the list of the record company EMI.

In the top five of the "Forbes" list there are two other singers who are not alive and they are none other than Elvis Presley in fourth place with 35 million dollars and Bob Marley in fifth place with 23 million dollars.

The list is completed by golf legend Arnold Palmer in second place with 40 million dollars, thanks to the sales of lemonade in Arizona and iced tea that bear his name on the package. In third place is Charles Schultz, the creator of "Peanuts" with 38 million dollars.