Kate Garbi: 1,7 million fine for tax evasion

This specific case has been pending in the courts since 2014

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The publication of the Sunday newspaper states that the singer's appeal to the courts not only did not work positively in her favor but also doubled the amount from the interest, as she has now lost all legal remedies and is now obliged to pay the amount in full.

In the summer of 2014, Kaiti Garbi, with her post on her official Facebook page, referred to what was written about her regarding the non-declaration of income to the tax office covering a period of about 10 years. The amount, according to the publications at the time, amounted to one million euros.

The popular singer argued that the publications offend any concept of protection of her personal data, described the case with the SDOE and emphasized: "the publicizing of her case is the "bubble" of exaggeration and the directed disorientation of the world from its problems and from the problems of the country".

In July 2018, the Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens vindicated Kaiti Garbi in her long-standing dispute with the Tax Office, after paying her a fine of 900.000 euros. The decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal is identical to that of the Council of State, which ruled, a year ago, unconstitutional the ability of the Greek State to control cases of tax evasion beyond five years.

"The SDOE about 3 years ago started an investigation concerning my tax returns from 2000 to 2010. Recently they called me to justify the movements of ten years of my personal accounts in several banks within 5 days. It is reasonable that a citizen will not be able to remember, gather evidence and refute the facts supported by the SDOE within the short period of the deadline," Kaiti Garbi said in 2014 about the tax audit.

Further developments around the case are expected in the next 24 hours.

SOURCE: zappit.gr