Asimakopoulos "adopted" 2 wishes of children with leukemia: The castle and the spaceship (vid)

A few hours after his return from Survivor, George Asimakopoulos will make two wishes come true for children with leukemia.

asimakopoylos Survivor, GIORGOS ASIMAKOPOULOS

It has been known for days that George Asimakopoulos will give the money he will get from it Survivor in children battling cancer.

Before the jet lag leaves him from the return journey from him Saint Dominic, has already launched the developments.

Speaking to his camera Happy Day on Friday morning, revealed that he will make the wishes of two children of the club come true "Make A WishWho want to have new rooms. One to be a spaceship and the other a castle.

«I made my dream come true for a good cause! It is a big dream to make my wish come true because I fought and in this game I got emotions that I did not expect. The confinement, the hunger, the hardships made me even more vulnerable. I was dreaming, my brother and it was the bell that rang louder inside me", He said characteristically.

«I just want to give love and maybe make the children happier. I am very excited because one of the 2 children we will help is called Alexander, like my lost brotherHe said, among other things.

As one can easily understand, he will not be limited to them, as the information that he will give money to the center has been released since yesterday "Hope"As well as in"Flame».