Valantis: This is the 14 years younger beauty that has "stolen" his heart

They met about 1,5 years ago and immediately became a couple but kept their relationship out of the limelight.

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Valantis is one of the most talked about players in this year's Survivor.

The singer from the first moment he set foot in Saint Dominic began to create tensions, to have outbursts of anger and to exchange heavy conversations with his teammates.

Apart from reality, however, he declares that he is completely in love

According to the information, he is a couple with a girl, named Suzana Hatzopoulou and he is 32 years old. In other words, they are 14 years apart.

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The girl was a big fan of him and followed him in his live performances. They met 1,5 years ago, the singer was fascinated by her presence and they immediately became a couple.

The two, however, kept their relationship out of the limelight. Only those who needed to know knew. In fact, the same wounds say that the 32-year-old has perfect relations with the familiar environment of Valantis, even with the mother of his son, Elena Grekou.

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Now that the 46-year-old is in the survival reality show, the young woman has under her supervision the business with raincoats maintained by the singer while she also takes care of his cats.