Giannis Tsolakis: The player who left and everyone applauded for his ethos and quality

Outside Survivor is Giannis Tsolakis, who left the survival reality show after a vote

giannis tsolakis o paiktis poy apochorise kai cheirokrotisan oloi gia to ithos kai tin poiotita toy Survivor

Outside Survivor is the Giannis Tsolakis, who withdrew from the survival reality show on Wednesday night following a public vote.

Giannis Tsolakis was in Saint Dominic to the Fighters team and from the first day of the reality show, he gave his best.

During his stay in the game, the young firefighter kept a low profile, as we almost never saw him have tensions with other players.

The touching words of Giannis after the announcement of his departure

"I do not know what to feel first. Right now, I'm being attacked by a lot of emotions inside me. I will not forget here, in this game, said Savvas something very nice. That no one will forget anyone, because we are in this unique experience we live. How is it possible, say, to forget even one of these faces, Red and Blue? There is no such thing. I will have years to remember and analyze them. What I have been through. We will never get lost. We have already said endless things with the children. I feel rich, bursting with feelings and emotions.

From Survivor I will keep all the difficult moments. The alternation of emotions that from 0 goes to 100 and from 100 goes to 0. All the prizes and the misery we shared with the children. The hunger that I called outside hunger, but it was not. Here it was. That I slept in a flooded wood wet from the rain. The joys in our victories. The moments when I watched the sunset when we came back from victories that I felt as if I had won the lottery and we had just won the lentils. And I am very impressed by how much we fought, how much we cursed, how much we ran and sat under the sun to fight, to win 5 toasts, 5 cookies. That impresses me "said John, among others.

Twitter users "bent" with the departure of John, with most writing about his kindness and ethos.

Check out some of the most iconic tweets below:

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