SURVIVOR: Ajun's "bomb" proposal to Myriella's partner to enter the game after the kiss?

Ajun seems to be thinking of repeating the "recipe" of the previous cycle in the new cycle of survival reality.

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Survivor Spoilers: THE Ajun Ilijali seems to be thinking of repeating in the new cycle of survival reality the "recipe" of the previous cycle, where he put Marialena's ex-partner, Saki Katsouli in the game.

The "flirting" and the kiss between Myriella Kourenti and George Katsaounis has upset both the survival reality players, let alone Valantis who does not miss the opportunity to attack the actress, as well as her partner actress located outside the game.

Survivor Spoiler: Ajun's plans for survival reality

When the first shots were "popped" between the players, Myriella's partner according to the show "Super Katerina" was cool, however after the kiss scene it seems that the data changes.

And here comes the addition of Ajun who is said to have made a proposal for Survivor to the musician and partner of Myriella Kourenti, John Lygnos, according to what was broadcast by the show "Mega Kalimera".

What will happen in the popular SKAI game, we will find out in the coming days…


via: Enimerotiko