Liagas reveals for the first time the reasons why they broke up with Faye Skorda

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Giorgos Liagas spoke openly for the first time about his separation from Faye Skorda. He revealed the reasons that led them to the divorce, what happened to their assets, but also what their relationship is like after their separation.

We see that you have a good relationship with Faye now.

I have always had a very good relationship with Faye.

Then why did you divorce?

First of all, let me clarify something. There has never been a third party in the decision to divorce. Neither from my side, nor from Faia's side. Because a lot was written then and it would be good to clarify some things. Secondly, there is no opposition now and there never was. It is written everywhere and I wonder why I do not react and do not sue, that the prosecutor's office has entered and regulates our property. There was never a question of money between us. We solved the financial part before we parted. It was never a question of "these are mine, these are yours." We didn't break up because we stopped appreciating and loving each other.

Again, you don't answer why.

Why; At some point something ends in a couple. After all, everything ends. I love Faye and I think Faye loves me too and of course I consider her a great mother. But obviously something ended for us, to pass to another stage the relationship between two people.

What happened to you?

In any relationship, the passion of the beginning is likely to go away. This may have happened in our relationship as well. This is the key to normalizing relationships. And when this element disappears in a couple, controversies arise because of the differences on the surface. So instead of living in a stressful home, we thought it would be better to live separately and be happy. And we but especially the children.

The Happy Day team commented on the interview of the well-known presenter at DownTown and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos and Panos Zogkas commented on what was said and gave their own stigma to the whole case. Among other things, they left the suspicion that the well-known presenter has already moved on with his life, since, as they said, he may already have a new relationship in his life.

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