Life after divorce: "I thought I would never get over it but suddenly everything changed"

Life after divorce: Life often does not bring them as people expected. Divorce is an obstacle for some.

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Life after divorce: Life often does not bring them as people expected. Divorce for some people is an obstacle in their lives. For others it is redemption. However, only those who have experience can talk about these issues. Below is the relevant list of reports from women who got divorced. They talk about their lives after that. In more detail:

"When my husband and I broke up, I had the feeling that I would not be able to do without him. Although it was a common decision, the sadness and frustration I felt were so ingrained in me that I thought I would be sad for the rest of my life… I felt mostly frustrated with myself. I was betrayed. I had broken my promise that, no matter what, I would be with him forever. In addition, I felt guilty for our children for forcing them to go through something so difficult and painful.

The truth is that I did not get over it quickly. It took me almost two years to get rid of the negative emotions inside me. For two years I woke up and slept with a plaque on my chest, but now I'm fine. I have put my life in order, my ex-husband and I have a good, almost formal relationship with the children and I feel calm and peaceful again. In fact, I feel much better than in the last years of my marriage, and that confirms to me that I made the right decision. "

"My husband and I were classmates from high school and it was my first, big love. We got married at 22. At 23 we had our first child and at 25 our second. The year we turned 30, we realized that there is boundless love and appreciation between us, but love was dead. Very soon, they started irritating each other to an incredible point! Our home had ceased to be the happy and safe place for our two children. Our quarrels were daily and for insignificant reasons.

The reason we did not make the decision to divorce was the children. We did not know the consequences of a divorce on their psychology and we were worried. Eventually, under the guidance of a child psychologist, we proceeded with the divorce. I remember that our son was very angry while our daughter was upset. For several months, they were both attackers against us, but we did not miss a minute of them. Today, three years later, we have a very good relationship. "Day by day, I realized that the children are happier now than before the house looked like a battlefield."

"I do not have much to say about my divorce. Both my marriage and my separation are a classic, boring story of two people who fell in love for a while, and then tolerated each other for a long time. What matters most to me is that after the divorce, I got to know myself. The children were older, so I spent several hours alone and learned to accept and love myself. Since then, I prefer to be alone than to compromise with people who do not cover me. My friends often ask me if I feel alone and why I do not rebuild my life, but I do not feel alone! In fact, I would say that while I was married I felt more lonely than now that I live alone. "

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"From a very young age, I worked like a robot. I always did what my parents and teachers told me to do. I did not express my feelings, nor was I carried away by my impulses. I swallowed my anger, cried rarely (and never in public) and found it difficult to express my love in words. When I met Paul, I immediately liked him because we looked alike. My parents approved of him directly, so we got married very quickly at the town hall. Very quickly, our twin boys followed. Our divorce also came very quickly: Paul had fallen in love with another woman with whom he wanted to continue his life.

My reaction was icy, as always, until Christmas. Then, something magical happened, like the miracle of Christmas! I was sitting with my boys around the Christmas tree and, completely unexpectedly, I started crying. I remember for a long time the three of us sat in each other's arms and talked about our feelings and wounds. It was the moment when I realized how beautiful it is to express what you have in your heart, and how much more you bond with your family. And if I had to get a divorce to understand it, halal… It was worth it because it changed my life ".

After the divorce I realized that there is no "perfect". Until then, I was deifying people and situations in my mind and then I fell on my face… Divorce, however, landed me. At first I refused to divorce my husband but later, I saw the truth clearly and said yes. I landed, as it were, in fact abnormally.

Life after divorce does not fly in pink bubbles, nor is it sprinkled with gold dust. The problems are in front of you and you are called to face them alone. However, it is more beautiful because it is purer, crystalline. He looks you in the eye and tells you the truth, he does not tell you that everything will go well. If there is one thing I have learned in the last few years that I live alone with my son, it is not to have delusions. And that is invaluable. "